I’m currently listening to Seraphina singing Heart and Soul to her friend over the phone. ❤️ (I wish I could draw in these posts.  I would add little decorations and things.)

Accidental video that I took this morning:

Things I want to do this year:

*Spend time by the ocean

*Read the next 4 books in the Poldark series

*Visit a castle.  This one may be unrealistic, but more in reach than you might think!  Did you know that there are many castles in the US?  I say this as someone who has totally googled, “castles near me”.

*Paint the girls’ room

*Return to The Mount (Edith Wharton’s home) when the Italian Garden is in bloom.

*Eat out on the porch as many days a possible.

*Try a new hairstyle?

*Finally finish remodeling the downstairs bathroom

*Have at least one meal on the balcony of my favorite Italian restaurant

*Start sewing again.  Sew myself a dress.

*Attend at least two concerts

*Have a visit with my sisters

*Visit the art museum

*Return to that spot we found where the autumnal views are incredible (see below)

*Dance in the rain

*Grow a small vegetable and herb garden

*Take a few walks by moonlight

*Finish at least one of the samplers that I have started.

*See Emily in the theater

*Find a way to slowly start bringing some strength and energy back to this body of mine.

*Pitch a tent in the yard and watch a meteor shower with my girls

*Laugh a lot

*Be surrounded by flowers as often as possible.


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