I read Love from the Heart of the Home by Susan Branch almost in it’s entirety in bed this morning.  From the section on Potions, Spells, Supersitions of Love:

Air your feather quilt on a line the first clear day after the vernal equinox-put it back on the bed-your love will be refreshed and renewed.“  I think that’s just solidly good advise.  I doubt it will do much to renew your love, but your bed will certainly be refreshed.  I think I’ll make a note in my planner about this.  Bed linens that smell of spring sound luxurious just now.

Just before bed, hard boil an egg, cut it in half & discard the yolk.  Salt the halves of egg.  Sit on something you never sat on before & eat the egg.  Walk to bed backward.  You will dream of your future mate.“  Yeah, I don’t really see myself getting anything out of that one.

Frozen windows

When I came down Steve already had the kettle on because he could hear me coughing away.  Sweet.

This body isn’t going very far today, but I’m in full-out planning mode in my head.  In the last 24 hours I’ve decided how I want to proceed with the rest of Seraphina’s school year and what I want to do with her next year.  I’ve made plans for a little long-weekend sea-side vacation.  I’ve finally decided what I want to do for Galen’s birthday (there has been a great internal debate there). I’ve made all sorts of plans for reorganizing, rearranging, and fixing up the house.  I’ve planned a new sweater and the alteration of dresses and planted an entire garden in my head.  And probably many other things that I’ve already forgotten.  I’ve written none of this down.  So, a day and a half from now all of it may have disappeared like a pouf of smoke.  Also, I’m really kind of out of it, so I keep falling asleep or half-dozing  mid-plan making leading to some utterly bizarre daydreams (hallucinations?!?) about things like decluttering.



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