I’ve had the Tea Hot Toddy with Ginger from Sunday Table saved to my pinterest for a few months now.  I’ve never had a hot toddy of any sort, but I had a presentiment that I might wish for it someday.  I fixed myself one tonight.  It just sounded like exactly what I needed.  I haven’t been comfortably warm like this in days and my throat feels ever-so-much better.  Usually we don’t even have alcohol in the house.  It was just happenstance, leftover from another recipe.  I didn’t actually follow the directions, I just threw something together with similar ingredients, including steeping it with two big chunks of fresh ginger.

A funny little story: I order our groceries on-line and then we pick them up.  On New Year’s Day I like to have a celeriac mash as part of a celebratory dinner.  Well, whomever was working the produce department that day must have been totally clueless, because they sent us home with a giant bag of fresh ginger instead!  Galen discovered the bag and asked me what on earth I was planning on making?!?  We all had a good laugh when we realized what must have happened.  And all’s well that ends well.  Ginger freezes quite well.  Just pop it as-is in a ziplock back.  It can even be grated frozen.  So, we’ve had fresh ginger, whenever needed, ever since.


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