“Glory of glories! Fresh mint tea with organic honey.” ~Seraphina

We have a space heater going in the basement, trying to keep the pipes from freezing.  The water from the faucet is still so cold that it hurts my teeth.  We’ve lost power three times now, but it keeps coming back.  If it goes down for a day or more we have no hope of saving the pipes.  The good thing about losing power in a rural area is that you tend to still be able to keep warm.  Most houses have a wood stove.  We heat almost our entire house with ours.  However, the basement isn’t connected to the main living space.  It stays just about warm enough, most of the time, from the heat radiating down.  But there are moments….  The bad things about losing power in a rural area: water pumps are electric.  Quite suddenly you have no running water.


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