Winter has finally arrived with a major cold snap.  Wind chills tonight are supposed to be between -40 and -50!  The wood stove is roaring, but still the chill is seeping in.  I’m hoping that all of this wind will knock some of the dangerous hanging branches.

There is sickness in the house now.  Our week has been turned on it’s head.  I’m *CRANKY* about it.  Lately, I do not take well to changes in plans.  I don’t know what has gotten into me, but I have very little tolerance for such things.  And I. had. plans.  At this point, disposition-wise, I’m essentially just a slightly over grown, w-a-y overly tired toddler.  Everyone else will recover, quickly and well, I assume, but there is no telling, and never is, how long I’ll be down for and to what degree I will recover.  I can’t imagine being more exhausted than I already am, and I know that worse is coming.  Goodness, I feel defeated.

This is the way these things work: Elijah gets something and brings it home to the rest of us.  He’s sick for 3-6 hours, (just long enough to spread it around well!) and the rest of us end up miserable for an indefinite amount of time.

There is nothing for it!  What is, is.  Seraphina and I are going to cuddle up with big mugs of tea and watch the rest of the Gussets and Godets Vlogmas.


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