2 thoughts on “Thoughts on Day 66 and Mending

  1. Megan

    I love your hankies. I went through a separation last spring and had two old, ripped, worn out sheets that I used as hankies. I didn’t wash them and reuse but I saved on tissues and the sheets had one more use before I tossed them. The flannel ones were especially nice. Haven’t needed a tissue or a hankie in a long time. Good luck with the food. Sounds very challenging but you are creative and resourceful! I love the bee! Hopefully, Seraphina does too and you can move on to mending something else. Stay safe.

  2. Caz

    Hi Melody,
    I love the little bee but I agree with you about the one stripe and I would work the wings a bit bigger too. We are also using washable hankies as hay fever season means the noses drip! At this time of year with “wet” noses (as opposed to icky) the washing is not an issue.
    Can you not order food from a grocery store or supermarket? Here in the uk I am able to order my usual weekly shop of fresh, frozen, chilled and store cupboard stuff and it is delivered to the door. I have a delivery pass which I buy each year for the equivalent of about $70. I can then have as many deliveries as I like for free usually as long as I spend more than £40 each time. At the moment we are restricted with some things in short supply – flour, soap and hand sanitizer and paper goods – but mostly we are managing well. You’ve done very well for two months on your stores! Our house is a lot smaller and our fridge and freezer are not big. That’s normal for the uk! We even call large refrigerators “American” regardless of where in the world they were made!
    Stay safe and well. I do enjoy your videos.

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