On My Needles

My second set of videos are now live!  Yes, I said set, because it’s in two parts again.  It seems that my camera only likes to record for just over 20 minutes, but based on my first two attempts, I seem to like to talk for approximately 24 minutes.  So I’m either going to have to learn to talk faster or to say less!

A long-time blog reader told me that watching these videos is like imagining a character in a book and then meeting that character and being totally surprised.  The really funny thing is that it’s the same for me!  How I look, how I sound, my style of speech… all totally strange and interesting to me.  Really?  That’s me??  If didn’t have the experience of recording it, I don’t know that I would believe it!

Show notes down below….

My poor trashed garden….


The Mini Wrap by Fox & Folk

Isis Tailcoat (because I misspoke twice for goodness sake) by Kari-Helene Rane

The No Frills Cardigan by PetiteKnits

Thrysos Yoked Blouse by Teresa Gregorio


3 thoughts on “On My Needles

  1. Caz

    Hi Melody,
    O those naughty chickens! I hope you threatened them with the possibility of ending up as soup! Such a pity, but hopefully some of the plants will shoot again.
    I really like your dove. Here in the south of the U.K. we don’t have many doves. The ones we do have are pure white and are kept as pets, living in dovecotes on farms and in historic homes. What we do also have collared doves and pigeons. They are both a pretty shade of grey and the collared doves have a black stripe around their necks. Pigeons are very common. I live in the country and here they eat the farmers corn crop and are pests. They also wake up horridly early and make a racket under my window! Mr. Pigeon seems to be very entranced by Mrs. Pigeon and will pursue her relentlessly and noisily for days! In towns and cities the pigeons eat fast food scraps. They nest in crevices on buildings and their droppings make a mess. The town birds are referred to in our family as flying rats. Their country cousins however taste delicious in a pie!
    The pink avocado wool is so pretty. I am looking forward to seeing how your scarf for yourself works out. I’m not too much of a knitter and my fingers definitely would not know how to work on their own! That lace work is awesome! I count carefully and mutter under my breath a lot! I did however make a hooded cardigan for myself this spring. For once, I started and finished it! I am actually wearing it now and it’s really cosy. (The weather here is very damp/ wet/ cold this summer ).
    Thank you for sharing your knitting with us. I’d love to see more about your log stack if you fancy taking us outside next time. We are just getting a wood burning stove installed but I need to find out much more about the best types of wood to burn.
    I hope you enjoy your time with your mum. We’ve just been to see family too this weekend. Lovely to catch up! Caz

  2. Robyn

    I am really enjoying these podcasts. I have been missing your blog posts over the last few months, though I understand the reasoning for the gap– I am the veteran of around 7 minor concussions and know well that the recovery period can be long and fraught.
    It is really nice to hear from you again and I enjoyed seeing what is on your needles. Your blog was one of several that inspired me to get back into knitting several years ago and I haven’t looked back! I’ve even purchased a spinning wheel and a couple of drop spindles and have been learning how to use them.

  3. Robbie Parker

    So glad you are finding your “blogging” voice again with the podcasts. You have the best laugh. I have followed you since the cabin days and the 3 little boys (now grown men!!) I feel like I “know” you in the crazy way you get to know people through their writing and pictures. I laughed out loud when you said you couldn’t find the white ball of yarn…every knitter/crocheters life! I hope you are feeling well and have a wonderful day.

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