Wrapped in Emerald Green Silk…

Pattern: June Bunnies Shawl by Inese Andzane

Yarn: Luminance Lace Yarn, color: Thoughtful

Clarification on my last post: Most of it was written over a month ago and was accurate for that time, but doesn’t necessarily hold true for the present.  I’m feeling much better now.  I’m up and around, back to every day life.  Occasionally I’ll go on a bit of a coughing jag, usually triggered by singing or reading aloud at length, but most of the time the cough is completely gone.  I have to be careful to try to keep my seasonal allergies under control.  My stamina is not great.  By late afternoon I’m totally worn out.  I feel like all of my muscles have atrophied and I fear I’ll never get any strength back.  I’m soft and squishy, like a baby, only I don’t wear it nearly so well.  A month of inactivity, coupled with medications that cause weight gain and my none-to-perky metabolism have weighted me down, quite literally.  I’m still trying to get comfortable in my body as it is now, with its limits, sensations and appearance.

Every time I experience a health crisis it feels like a serious setback and I worry I will never fully recover the level of wellness that I had prior.  It’s a valid fear, as this has been my experience at times in the past.  Not every time, but enough to cause anxiety.  This feeling of forever loosing ground and never being able to make it up?  Not reassuring.  But I am doing what I can to heal under less than ideal circumstances.  I’m falling back on old herbal remedies, slowly trying to bring vibrancy back into this tired body of mine with gentle movement, and trying my best to hold on to hope.






3 thoughts on “Wrapped in Emerald Green Silk…

  1. Heather

    Beautiful :) I haven’t been knitting at all – but I do think I am becoming a shawl person because I have knit one – and often think of knitting more now! I’m really glad you are feeling better. I think you look great btw :)

  2. Katie

    I’m so glad you are feeling a bit better. The shawl looks great on you, I’m glad you are taking care of yourself x

  3. Kathryn

    I am so pleased to see you in this space still! I have followed you for years and would be sad if you weren’t here! I am also glad you are feeling better! I too struggle with my weight and it doesn’t seem that I will ever get to a weight that I am happy with. But we can pray for each other and hopefully we will get there someday! Much love to you! Kate

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