On Valentine’s Day









If you are noting the conspicuous absence of certain family members, it’s because they spent the better part of the day sneaking around, hiding and whispering, with an endless stream of craft supplies disappearing behind the firmly closed door of their room.  They did resurface for dinner though, and with Valentine’s a plenty, dear, sweet boys of mine.


6 thoughts on “On Valentine’s Day

  1. Melly

    Melody, I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed seeing your valentine pictures. I sadly forgot to take any that day. But we had a great day. Brunch with friends, and out for chinese food dinner( it was also Chinese New Year) How fun is that. I also wanted to tell you that your tea post greatly inspired me. I went out that day to my health food store and got what you listed. I have had at least 2-3 cups every day since. It has helped greatly. Thanks so much for the inspiration. Stay warm and peace filled! xxoxx Melly

  2. Melanie

    It sounds like you had the perfect kind of day on Valentine’s Day!
    I just love love love your home in the background of the pictures- it looks so clean and simple, and I love the green! Was that already there when you moved in? It has been on my mind to get that color into my own home since seeing yours!

  3. cecilia

    love your sweet valentines day pictures and your story about the boys crafting in secret :) and when did she start walking??? (maybe i missed that somewhere!) and all of those teeth – it all happens so fast… my littlest girl is 10 months old and i am just trying to ignore those growing signs i guess ;)
    everything is beautiful as always~

  4. Melody Post author

    cecilia- the walking is a new thing, just in the last couple of weeks, and just in the last couple of days has she gotten brave enough to start off and go walking around on her own (without someone on the other end to catch her). She’s been walking around the house in a circle, just because she can. I’m still amazed every time I see her. And yes, lots of teeth, and HAIR too. I swear her hair is growing a noticeable amount every day.

  5. Jessica

    What a beautiful holiday – I just love the little red cap! I have to ask – is that a white apron you are wearing in the first pic? Or a dress? Did you make it? It looks just adorable!

  6. Melody Post author

    Jessica- thanks! It is an apron and I did make it. Maybe I’ll get around to doing a post on it at some point.

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