Nature Walks and Birthday Wishes….

One of the rhythms we are trying to get back to is that of a daily nature walk.  Quite apart from all of the benefits for the children, I’m a better person when I go for a walk every day and that is good for us all!

I have a birthday coming up at the end of the month.  A couple of people have asked what I would like.  I always seem to have lists, both mental and literal, of what the kids need or want, but for me?  There are a great many things that I want in this life, but don’t put me on the spot by asking what they actually are!

I’ve given it some thought and this is what I came up with…. I would like subscriptions to Taproot and Making magazines.    A new lens for my camera, you know, one where the auto focus function actually works.  And this book, which our library system persists in not having, no matter how many times I check.  And enough warm and soft wool yarn to knit a hood  and maybe some matching cabled mittens for those long, cold, winter walks.  And perhaps even more yarn for a cabled pullover?  Too may of those to link to…  And a bag with a zipper that reliably closes and stays closed, with pockets inside so that everything doesn’t get tangled up in a big jumbled mess and a pile of 2×4′s to build a bench in the mudroom which seems like it would solve any number of problems and charcoal grey wool fabric to make myself a skirt (perhaps something as simple as this?  Scratch that, I think I want this one) and something that blooms and smells sweetly for the dark days of winter.  I would love a pair of shoes that I actually like the style of, which also fit my orthotics and don’t pinch my toes and make them ache, but I think that’s probably too much to ask of any day, much less a mere birthday.  Mostly I think I’d be content with just a peaceful day, preferably one where I don’t have to make dinner.  And maybe a really good cup of tea.  Yeah, I want the tea too.

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7 thoughts on “Nature Walks and Birthday Wishes….

  1. Melissa Thornton

    I loved this totally resonates with me as most of your posts do. My birthday is February 1 and it is hard to make a list . I already ordered my gift that I have considered asking for for about 5 years the “silpalu” bag yarn and pattern from knit picks. But good footwear that is a big wish for me as well! I have a weird autoimmune collection and anything that touches any part of my body with too much touch left my wardrobe and foot wear so I am totally lacking appropriate shoes for the rainy and snowy ( a bit) west coast. Beautiful blooms for the house is also high on my wishes. But truely I ‘d love a day where I felt well and could scrub my house and take down the Christmas decor that is a still decorated tree and a dining table full of the knick nacks :) . I think we will take a tiny walk tomorrow, your pictures have inspired me. I wish for all those lovely birthday wishes to find their way to you!

  2. Zena

    These are exactly the kind of things I would want for my birthday – things i wouldn’t normally spend our budget on for just me. Expensive yarn, magazine subscription and fabric.

  3. Mamaashgrove

    Well for some reason my comment is being duplicated and cut in half. I said other lovely things too, including how I love the baby’s rosy chilly cheeks. Hugs melody!

  4. Melody Post author

    Melissa- I hear you. My older children took down our Christmas tree last week, but most of the other decorations are still up. Maybe today? I’ve been spending any energy that I have decluttering and I’m starting to make inroads there. It’s encouraging. The areas that I have worked on are so much more manageable for me now and that’s such a relief!

  5. Melody Post author

    Melanie- I love that our birthdays are all around the same time! Seeing both of your beautiful little celebrations and hearing your musings on another year gone by always resonates deeply with me.

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