Galen and the rainbow hot-spot


Galen got a potholder loom for Christmas this year and it’s played heavily into our weekly crafting time of late.

Now that it’s winter and it’s not-so-very-nice to go walking about town, we’ve fallen into a rhythm for our time at home together.  We do the same things every week.  First we fix a snack for the boys to take with them, then we read a story while eating our portion of the snack, then we work on a craft.  We take a break to put a chicken in the oven to roast, craft a bit more, bake something to go with the chicken, and finally prepare some veggies and set the table (hopefully) in time for Steve and the big boys to get home from choir rehearsal.  They are gone for several hours, and Màiri usually has a long nap at that time, so it’s just the two of us for a good chunk of time.


Last week Galen told me that I was one of his “favorite things in history” because I, “do things with him on boys’s choir night”.

So while she did this:


We did this:


The loom is by Harrisville Designs and it’s all metal with pegs that curve slightly to hold the loops.  The design is far superior to the plastic red ones I had as a kid!


He’s not quite big enough to do it all by himself, but there are parts of the process that he can do alone and other parts were we do it together.


We made 4 of them, over the course of a couple of weeks, then sewed them all together, and in the end we got this:

DSCN3889A new “hot-spot”, as my kids call it, to protect the table from hot pots and pans.  I’m finding that it’s far more cheerful then the, erm, cloth diapers that we usually pile up instead!


11 thoughts on “Galen and the rainbow hot-spot

  1. Melanie

    I love the loom! Are the loops cotton or wool?
    My big girl has the same dress as Mairi :)
    I can imagine that Galen must love that special time with you. When my two “big kids” go off to violin sometimes I have the littlest boy with me at home, and it is very special.

  2. Kate

    This looks so fun! You have the sweetest children. Could you tell me where you got Mari’s baby? It is so sweet. Thanks

  3. Melody Post author

    they are cotton loops. We are going to try out loops cut from old socks next!

    I have a friend with a daughter a year older then M and we get all of her wonderful hand-me-downs (both the dress and bonnet were from her).

  4. cecilia

    we have that same loom and love it too! haven’t tried the socks idea yet, but sounds quite nice (especially as we are almost out of our back up bag of loops) and gotta say, your kids are just gorgeous!!

  5. Lacey

    We have the red plastic one & I am NOT impressed! We’ll have to check out the one you have–it looks like it makes bigger pot holders as well 3″x3″ isn’t quite as large as I like…

  6. Priscilla

    So lovely, my daughter has almost the same doll als your Mairi! Only hers is orange with brown hair.

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