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SaveA while ago, possibly months even (?), someone wrote to me asking if I could post a picture of my on-going blanket project.  I replied that of course I could!  And then promptly forgot about the whole thing.  Better late than never?

This project is just over a year old now.  In terms of size perspective, Iain is right around 5′ 10″ and the blanket is folded under in such a way that maybe 1/2 to 2/3′s of the width is showing.  I had kind of thought that maybe it would be nice to finish it for this autumn, but I ran out of yarn ends to add to it, so I’ll have to keep completing other projects for a while to replenish my supply.

More about the blanket here.  And here is another in progress photo.  Looking back at these old posts and knowing where we are at right now, all I can think is that this has been a very hard year.

I haven’t done much reading this week, but when I do I’m back to reading Living Language as I start trying to flesh out the coming school year.



6 thoughts on “boyish scenes and other bits

  1. Heather

    Wow! You have made amazing progress on that blanket! I keep forgetting to take a photo of mine to show you.

  2. Katie

    Hi, I’m sorry about the hard year…but look at you, still keeping on. I so love your blog.
    My 7 year old and I have just contracted Lyme. Been treated – she seems mostly fine but my fatigue etc is hard…have you found any tips for supporting your healing naturally? Xx

  3. Melody Post author

    Dear Katie,
    I’m very sorry to hear that.

    Gosh, in the four verified cases of Lyme Disease we’ve lived through we’ve tried so many different things. It’s hard to know how to succinctly answer this. If you got to it early and you are not in the subset of the population that has trouble kicking this thing, you will hopefully start feeling radically different soon. It happens that way for many people.

    I would definitely look into herbs and herbal remedies. There are many options.

    The best options for you would depend on a number of factors. Some people find supplemental glutathion to be very helpful.

    Stephen Buhner recommends Swedish massage to help remove toxins and promote relaxation and healing.

    People with lyme tend to be deficient in vitamin D, supplementing is a good idea.

    An extremely healthy diet is really important. But it is such a catch 22; you need a healthy diet to heal and have energy, but you are too the energy to prepare all of that food is almost impossible to muster up. If you have someone who can help you, who can be made to understand how important it is…. Otherwise, just do the best you can. We’ve been following the guidelines for and Auto-immune Paleo diet and I can honestly say it’s made a big difference.

    There is a product called End Fatigue (you can find it here: ). It’s basically a really, really, really high potency multi-vitamin. It’s designed for people with chronic fatigue. It was highly recommended by my Lyme literate doctor. I took it for a while and I do think it helped with my energy levels. It does however contain whey. I, personally, have trouble with dairy products and after a while it was too hard on my stomach. So even though it was helping with my energy levels, I had to stop taking it, so just a little warning on that in case you have similar issues. If you decide to try it, start off small and work your way up to a full dose. If you start with a full dose right off it will wallop you.

    I talked about some of my favorite Lyme books in this post: That would be a good place to start for more information.

    Most of all, try to rest and take it easy on yourself.

    wishing you much healing,

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