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Just to keep the ball rolling with my Christmas posting (it’s kind of been dragging on for a while now, no?), above are the pajama pants that I made the boys.  Kwik Sew pattern 3604.  The fabric for Galen’s pants came off the remnant rack sometime over the summer.  Iain and Elijah’s are made from Moda “Cuddle Cloth” that I got through a co-op.  I never did get around to making the shirts.

And onto the bits about today…


We’ve been enjoying the sort of sun-shiny day that makes you feel like winter will indeed melt away at some point.  The foodie in me is feeling shocked and appalled at the distinct lack of food posting lately, so here’s a bit about brunch today.

I’ve been doing a “brunch” sort of deal a lot lately.  It’s been inadvertent and yet consistent; I suspect some combination of getting up later and wearier then usual, paired with the cooking kick I’ve been on more or less explains the prevalence of a large late morning meal around here.

Today was onions, carrots, cabbage and fresh ginger, sauteed in bacon fat, all cooked up with some toasted buckwheat and topped with eggs (for those who aren’t allergic) and kimchi (for those who like it) or sauerkraut (for those who like a little less spice).


I made a great big batch of red raspberry leaf and nettle chai with coconut milk to go with it, also with fresh ginger.  I was in a gingery sort of mood today.

Then I transferred and edited some pictures and they were just so sweet, I had to share.  This is my new solution to some little person bathing issues we’ve been having…DSCN3569-1

We don’t have a bathtub here, but these two littles love to play in the water.  We had been using a galvanized tub, like we used to in the Little House.  But they don’t both fit and the last couple of bath times have been…unpleasant.


Because I always have then both with me when I’m bathing either one of them, things get tricky.


The child out of the water of course wants to play in the water, then they get wet and cold. Then whoever is in the water gets pulled out sooner then they would like to accommodate the child out of the water (but trying to climb in).  Messy, frustrating business that.


But this idea worked out pretty well.  It’s going to be quite a tight fit for Galen all too soon, but for now, it feels just right.



11 thoughts on “This and That

  1. Jenn

    The tea sounds delicious (chai is the only way you can get milk in my tea).
    And the pictures are sweet!!! I only wish that would work with 5 year olds who hate having their hair washed :)

  2. Heather

    Please do tell us more about your tea :) It sounds heavenly :)

    ANd you children are as usual – absolutely adorable! Mairi has been changing so much!!!! Love the double chin :)

  3. Melody Post author

    Nope, no tub, just a shower, and a very small one at that, but that’s a lot more then we had at the last house!

    I’ll see what I can do about getting my chai recipe up in the next couple of days!

  4. Emma

    Oooh a double sink!!! Not just hot and cold running water, but two holes to pour it into! It must feel like a palace, this new house.

    We had a (one-child-only) bath of exactly this kind this morning :)

  5. heather i

    I still think the sink is the best place to bathe kids 4 and under. No leaning over the edge of the tub to catch slippery kids and less water used too!

  6. Kim

    Aww I remember when my son was small enough to bathe in the sink – so much easier then getting him to shower now :)

    BTW, I mailed the buttons yesterday – please let me know when they arrive.

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