spring sunshine and when bad things happen in threes

Oh, that littlest love of mine!  She would be outside 24 hours a day if she could!  As such, she seems to be forever sporting a muddy face and wild, wind swept hair.  And an imagination.  Such an imagination is developing in this tiny girl!  It’s amazing and endearing to watch as she mixes her mud muffins, adding a pinch of air to season her “greens” with and taking careful sips from an empty wooden cup and declaring her “tea”, “very ‘licious”.  Though sometimes that imagination of hers takes on a life of it’s own!  For example, several times a day I am very urgently called to save her from a bear.  No one knows where exactly this concept of a bear came from or why it has stuck, but it seems to be code for, “Mommy I’m out of my depth!  Pick me up now, quickly!”

The garden is coming along.  Sort of.  In fits and starts.

This post is something of a contradiction; pretty early spring scenes and difficult words that I’m stumbling over.  I’ve been quiet here lately.  Honestly, I’ve been quiet everywhere.

I have been struggling mightily.  While still actively treating the Lyme Disease that I contracted again last year, I’ve recently managed to acquire yet another tick borne illness.  This came just as I was finally starting to feel better and getting a sense of truly starting to reclaim my life. At the same time, there are others in our family with their own health struggles.  As the primary care-giver this means life can be very difficult, to say the least.   Complicated practical considerations aside, I’m daily called upon to model a sense of hope and optimism that I rarely feel.  It is both challenging and humbling and can quite frankly be downright depressing.  I am trying to rally, I really am.

I had been planning a project that I was really excited to share with all of you.  I was kind of hoping that you would be excited about it to, because I would like to do it together.  I’m determined to find a way to make it work still.  I need something inspiring to hold on to.


4 thoughts on “spring sunshine and when bad things happen in threes

  1. mamaashgrove

    Dear Melody I so sorry to hear this! I understand how hard it is in the role of mother to have illness and still have to keep things going both physically and emotionally… And you’ve really had more than your share.
    I really hope your health improves and that you turn a corner with this, and soon!
    In the meanwhile I am anxious for you and sending so much positive and healing thoughts your way.
    I am eager to hear about your project idea. You always have such wonderful creative ideas!
    Huge hugs.

  2. a little crafty nest

    Oh, Melody…digging deep for inspiration and hopeful positivity can be oh so difficult at times. When faced with health issues, especially our children, it can often seem a dark and lonely path. Please feel the love that surrounds you, even from afar. And, I’m always willing to lend a shoulder, as I’ve been through so much with medical journeys for my child.

    I am also very excited to see what you have cooking up…I just saw a shawl today that is called the Melodius Shawl (I think?) on ravelry, and I thought of you!

    Make sure you keep taking good care of yourself, too…
    xo Jules

  3. Nicole Dormer

    I’ve not commented here before, but I want to today because I’m just beginning to understand what you’re writing about in this post. I’ve had a baby recently, my first, and trying to keep her healthy, figure out mysterious potential food allergies she seems to have symptoms of, while hobbling on a broken foot can seem overwhelming. I am so very impressed by the depths of your strength, making the decision each day to fight for yourself and your children. Please know you are amazing, and doing an incredible job.

  4. nicole

    Melody, I just recently found your blog through the Mama Collaborative and I must say I am so impressed with all you do. I am sorry to know that you are fighting health issues with you and your children. Indeed it is so terribly difficult to take care of ourselves, our families and remain optimistic and cheerful. I am sending you wonderful healing energy from afar. Keep taking good care of yourself as that care will naturally spill over to the children. Love and Light.

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