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This is a post about books.  Only it’s not a post about books, it’s a post about how to find out more about the books we are, have or will be reading.

If you have an interest in such things and you could just kind of look over there.  Oh, to be able to point!  Ok, to the right side of this post.  See it?  Well that is our reading list at the moment, only it’s no where near the whole thing.  To see the whole thing, what you need to do is scroll to just under the last of the recent books to where it says View Full Library.  And if you click on that (or the link I just posted) you will see the rest of what we are currently reading.  I’m still trying to work out how to make it so that I can list more books in the sidebar, but in the meantime, you can check out that full library link.  There you will find some books that we just finished up, some that we are in the midst of reading and a few that we will be getting to soon.  If you click on a particular book, you find notes about who in our house is actually reading it, what we think of it, how and if it’s being used for homeschooling, etc.  Then if you are still interested in learning more about the book, you can click on it again to be brought to it’s Amazon page.  This list will constantly be changing as we have a house full of book worms, so feel free to check back often!


2 thoughts on “Please direct your attention…

  1. melissa t

    I love to read and love your blog so it was only natural to read all your book list, i have some ideas of books your family may like, I have a 15 yr old son and a 4 yr old daughter both who love books . here are my humble suggestions of ones that I or my son enjoyed when we were younger and a few tht I enjoyed as a little girl and my little daughter is enjoying now.

    Aurthur Ransome- swallows and amazons series .I loved loved loved them and so did my son, from a gentler time but full of excitment.

    enid Blyton- alos loved the books are great for littles right up to pre-teen. not just Noddy, but my fav was the caravan children.

    Girl of the limberlost by Jean stratton Porter.

    The wrinkle in time series by Madeline L’engle. interesting kid of sci fi ish. for maybe 9-12 my son enjoyed them quite a bit.

    one that I loved as a tiny girl and my little daughter cant get enough of is Miss Jastors Garden. I am sure I have spelled it wrong and will repost when I dig out the book but it is a lovely story of a hedgehog.

    My side of the mountain, read many times.

    Im am sorry to send all this mis mash but we lived a quiet life when my son was younger and books were a wonderful excitement, I wanted to pass on the ones that I loved and he found ones he loved to read himself. But I think that these books for the younger reader are great fun reads. When I am sick or worn out I still re-read swallows and amazons.

    And my favorite author for me is Rosamunde Pilcher. She is a lovely descriptive author I cannot quite describe her but lovely fat books that sweep you away with such vivid descriptions of things cooked made and experienced.

    I am usually never this wordy but I spent the night up with my little one who had growing pains and an earache so I am sure I must be out of my mind tired and books just happen to be my favorite thing. Please excuse the horrible spelling and punctuation, but I blame it on no sleep and the caffine is not entering my bloodstream fast enough.

  2. Melanie

    Oh I am loving looking at this list- we are always looking for new books!
    I am curious- what age did your boys hear/read Harry Potter, and how did they do with the “scary” parts- especially the later books? My daughter will be 9 in April, and is an avid reader- I have been wondering how she’d so with Harry Potter.

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