Week in the Life, Monday

Clearly I’m having trouble keeping up with Week in the Life this year.  I took all of the pictures and made a few notes, but actually putting together these long posts, at this moment in time, is a struggle.  I’ve considered just completely scrapping the project several times now, but I really try to do it once a year because these are the posts that I enjoy looking back at.  And I think with life being as busy as it is, it’s perhaps all the more important to try to record a few details.

Iain and Elijah stayed after work for a lesson.  We woke to a dull, grey and dreary day.  The kids wanted a bath.  I thought I would sit on the bathroom floor embroidering.  It sounded like a lovely and relaxing way to start the day, but ended up being stressful and frustrating.

Together we fixed brunch: yams, sage and onion sausage patties, sauerkraut and rooibos tea and filled the dehydrator with apple slices, while listening to an Easter Sparkle Story.  Realized we are not eating eggs right now, what are we going to do for Easter?!?

Brunch all together, alongside a game of quiddler.

At every meal this little munchkin eats and drinks what she would like of her own share and then scoots herself over to the other side of the table to see what of interest might be left over there.

We normally go out in the morning for our walk before her nap, but today she was very tired and asked to go to sleep early.

Homeschool work while baby sleeps, heavy on geography and measurements.

Trying to find a bit more variety on AIP, I made a whole turkey for dinner, along with squash and gravy, thinking we would be able to eat leftovers throughout the week.  Mairi and I managed to find a bit of fresh thyme to season it, under all the old growth.

More supplies in the mail.  It’s been a strange week that way, so much happening all at once!

A small plane flew over while we were on our nature walk.  She mistook it for one of her brother’s little quadcopters and pulling off her mitten, held out her hand saying, “catch fly-fly!”.

The experience of water is a strange thing to them right now, frozen in some places, flowing in others.

Whenever it is warm enough to take her mittens off she goes skipping down the street making them flap and singing out, “skippin’ mittens!”

At dinner Seraphine laid her tummy on the table and started biting the giant turkey in the middle!

Always a project going on!  Right now it’s Wizard of Oz themed figures.

More quiet time to work on projects for my big boys once most of the little ones were in bed.

A late night for me working on our newsletter.


6 thoughts on “Week in the Life, Monday

  1. Amber

    Lovely post and photos, Melody! I have a couple of questions… What brand of map is that that your children are playing with? It looks like the pieces are in the shape of the states? Second of all, where do you purchase your felt sheets? I have been looking for a good source for those!

  2. Melody Post author

    The map is by Melissa and Doug, and yes, the pieces are in the shape of the states. Well, except they clump together some of the smaller ones! It’s nice, but it is hard to get all the pieces to sit right.

    For the felt, I just for the first time ordered from Sweet Emma Jean: https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/sweetemmajean Another mama recommended them to me. They have both all wool and wool blend felt in a vast array of colors, at really great prices.

  3. Dawn Andrews

    Love the little sculpture your son made. Did you make the clay from scratch? If so do you mind sharing where you found the recipe? I’ve been experimenting with homemade clay recipes lately and having difficulty finding one that actually keeps shape when it hardens without cracking or breaking.

    I love your blog.


  4. Melody Post author

    We didn’t, it was purchased clay. I have a play dough recipe I like for just general play, but it’s not great for drying. Sorry!

  5. Dawn Andrews

    Thank you for responding. I will keep trying different homemade recipes…. Did you use sculpey clay?

  6. Melody Post author

    No, not for these. It was just a basic air drying craft clay. Good luck on your search!

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