Last Week

The newest little resident on our street; Rasputin Bissextus.  Possibly the funniest lamb name in all the history of sheepkind.  The Bissextus part was my children’s doing as it was their word of the day on February 29th, the morning of his birth- bissextus being the word for that day in the Julian calendar that comes but once every four years.

We’re playing the quarter jar game again.  Due to some unsavory influences out and about in the world, the children have been using some words that I prefer they didn’t.  We each have a jar.  Say a bad word, pay a quarter.  The person with the least at the end of the week takes the pot.  Because they are ones to quibble over such things, one of them declared that we needed a list of all the banned words, so there is no arguing over whether people owed a quarter or not.  So, in giant letters and dark marker he wrote up a list of all the worst words you could think of and posted it on my kitchen wall!  Swell.  What a welcome sight for any guests in our home!  Every time I walk by I both shake my head in dismay and laugh.

Trying to work with a toddler about is an exercise in frustration.  I set up my little stock of supplies and within 45 seconds tea has been spilled on my sketch.  Thirty seconds later and my embroidery floss is a tangled mess.  I try to set her up with a project of her own and it spreads and sprawls, pushing my own work off the table.  Even this lasts for but a moment or two before she wants to be on my lap and she would like the needle for herself.

The opening of Mama Collaborative was wonderful!  Thank you all so much for checking in and showing your support!  I wanted to take a picture of the various packages with their different colored wrappings, but I was feeling completely paranoid about mixing them up and thought it best not to risk it!  We had so much fun with our grand opening that we’ve decided to do a special stocking with gorgeous and fun seasonal treasures just in time for Easter and the Equinox.  More on that later in the week!

I’m starting A Week in the Life, full well knowing that it’s going to be a week quick to live and long to post.


6 thoughts on “Last Week

  1. Amber

    Haha! The jar thing is a great idea! My kids are at the age now where they are very much independent, and so it has gotten much easier for me to find quiet moments from time to time to work on projects. I definitely still get interrupted, but it’s nothing like having a toddler around. However, I would gladly take another baby too! I miss those years!

  2. beth

    I recently received my lace headscarf (wrapped in pink with green yarn) and immediately had to put it on. It got a lovely reaction from my household, lots of “you look so fancy and beautiful”. I just love it. I am looking forward to my future Mama Collaborative purchases!

  3. Melody Post author

    So it’s actually yours in that photo! Oh, I’m so very glad you like it! I’m always a little nervous putting things out into the world!

  4. Beth

    I thought it might be mine in the picture. It’s so beautiful! Please continue to put things out in the world with confidence, you are a talented lady!

  5. Kris

    I’m stealing that jar idea! We have a lot of words used lately that I don’t like and it sounds like a good way to try to put a stop to it. :)

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