More Shop Goodies….

The Mama Collaborative shop is now open for business!  Just in case I haven’t sparked your interest with my last couple posts….

How about some adorable toddler tote bags?

Reversible baby smocks in darling prints?

What say you to gorgeous wool art bracelets?

Handwoven organic cotton washcloths anyone?

Patchwork bibs and burpcloths?

Head scarves in pretty prints?

Hand embroidered fabric covered buttons?

Vintage inspired patchwork potholders?

Or perhaps some adorned with Sashiko stitching?

More yarn?  Seriously, who could say no to more yarn?!?

And so much more!  We’re working to get our listings live for you this morning.  All told, I think we should have around 70 items out there, so stop by and have a look around!


6 thoughts on “More Shop Goodies….

  1. Robyn

    I just had to order the robin wool cuff. After all, I am named for those lovely fellows. Fantastic work from you and your collaborators. I can’t wait to purchase gifts for friends and family!

  2. Annelise

    I love everything! My kiddo has been wanting a bag lately, so the toddler tote bag will probably be an eventual purchase.

  3. Ashley Keener

    This is wonderful! Everything about this post! That smock, I can’t believe it!! Very well done, thanks!

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