You are now…


At least if the redirect is working properly.  A new little spot, set up as an early birthday present from my beloved (who I think is just swell, for this and many other reasons).


Starting off with a fresh slate, a new look, I gave some consideration to changing the name.  The name Little Home Blessings was originally crafted in homage of THE Little House.  Our Little House.  Which is no longer so little and no longer truly ours.  But it was also a nod to a way of life, to counting our blessings both little and big, and cherishing a life built with reverence.  Also to the joys of home in all it’s quiet domestic beauty.  We may have left the Little House, but we carried all of that with us and we are keeping busy with applying the same ideals to our new home, which is not so very big after all (the couple living here before us, moved because they “needed more space”).  Plus, well, I’ve rather grown accustomed and attached to it.  Somehow the title of Little Home Blessings is now a part of me and who I am.  And so the name stays.

And not much else will change.  I’ll still be here on a regular basis, talking about life, love and yarn, with a hearty dose of nature, nurture and hopefully a bit of humor thrown in.

The one big difference now is that I’m experimenting with a book list, sharing some of our family’s current reads.  I made an attempt at this before, but it was far too time consuming and difficult on our archaic dial-up connection.  The gift of high-speed means that this is now a viable option for me, so I thought I would give it another go.  Look for more books showing up over the coming weeks as I slowly add things in.   I’ll probably do a post or two on specific books, just for fun.

So, grab a hot cup of tea, pull up a cozy chair and take a look around.  And I hope you will continue to join me here, at my new little home on the web.


6 thoughts on “You are now…

  1. tai

    Congrats on the new space- it looks lovely! It is typepad? I am thinking about a move myself but not sure the best route.

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