Breakfast in bed.  I don’t think I’ve ever been served breakfast in bed before.  They went all out with dairy free eggs florentine over home-made grain free English muffins.

My sisters came to stay for the weekend.  One knitted me socks and brought me herb and citrus finishing salts.  The other tried to make my birthday dreams of tiramisu a reality.  Her efforts resulted in what she coined “tiramisoup”.  We had to freeze it to be able to stick candles in it…and there was much insistence that there be candles.  All 35 of them, fire safety be hanged.  So another ice cream cake.  This one a surprise.  But it still tasted good.  And kind of a last hurrah for us, as we are embarking on some serious dietary changes.  I’m over-whelmed by this, but also looking forward to it in a way.  I want to feel well again, truly, truly well.

In a supreme act of creativity and sweetness, Steve tracked down a night robe, from approximately 1905.  It’s huge and billowy and comfy and rustles when I walk and I look kind of ridiculous in it, but he says it’s somehow sexy.  The detail on the eyelet trim is amazing and I love it all, even the ridiculousness.

We had a little walk, on my beautiful birthday.  This year has been crazy.  We spent all of November and December wondering when winter would start and at the end of January we’re all asking each other, “Is it over already?”  I can’t even tell you how deeply grateful I am.  I think another long winter would have done me in.  I feel the hope of spring even in mid-winter and time in my garden feels close at hand.  The Wee Girl is utterly perplexed by her lack of needing a snowsuit.  She can not fathom why she’s being let outside without one.  But she still wears her boots.  Her new-ish pink snow boots that she thinks are the bees-knees, which make little star prints in the melty snow when we go off to visit the birds.


6 thoughts on “35

  1. Zena

    Beautiful and thoughtful birthday gathering. I love your dressing gown! So lucky to find one in that era. Sounds like you are on the right food journey for healing.

  2. Sarah-Michelle Thomas

    Happy Birthday! I’d love to hear about your new dietary changes. Being celiac myself, I struggle with my digestive system often.
    Anyway, I love your blog. Thank you!

  3. Amber

    Happy birthday, Melody! What a wonderful start to your birthday ~ breakfast in bed! We are experiencing the same kind of winter here in Pennsylvania. We’ve only had two snows that even laid enough snow that warranted snowsuits and sleds. The kids have been bummed. Truth be told, I was somewhat bum, but now I’m not minding it at all. It was 65 here over the weekend. That was truly strange for January 30th! Anyway, have a blessed day!

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