approximately 7 minutes with the munchkin girl

Seraphina’s knitting


Our house, a typical weekday night.

I’m quickly trying to finish something up before Steve and the older boys get home.  Mairi and Galen are upstairs working on a project.  Miss Seraphina is busily running in and out doing her own little toddler thing.

Suddenly I hear, “Mommy!  Mommy!”  “Mommy, hep, hep!!” (help).  I find her locked in the bathroom without a light on, complements of whichever child left the door open this time.  I scoop her up and say, “Were you trapped?” in that soothing mama rhetorical way.  Wide-eyed she nods solemnly and says, “scream”.

A quick cuddle and she squirms to be put down.  I go back to my task.  Just moments later, I’ve got my hands full when I hear her running by behind me.

Me: Whatcha doing baby girl?

Her (cheerfully): Have knife!

Everything is literally dropped on the floor as I come running to find that the knife in question is a plastic butter knife that has somehow escaped our box of camping supplies.

Me: Ok, you can have that one.

Her: *smiles* and runs off again

Me: returns yet again to my task

Around two minutes later…

Galen: Did you know that Seraphina is nakey bottomed on the kitchen table, helping herself to applesauce out of the jar?

She used the knife to serve it.

For the record I was never more than ten feet from her this entire time.  You can kind of tell just by looking at her that she is full of mischief!

Last week I told her to take something out of her mouth.  She smiled at me ever so sweetly and said “no!”.  I gave her the stern mommy look and still with a great big smile, she squinched up her little eyes so as not to see me.

Yup.  This one is going to be a handful.


4 thoughts on “approximately 7 minutes with the munchkin girl

  1. mamaashgrove

    Oh my goodness!!! And she’s so darling g too… I guess that’s her saving grace! ;)
    This must be a youngest of five thing? Though only 9 months I see this in Wren… I have never had a crawling baby as rascally as her.

  2. Christina

    I am still laughing at your typical weeknight. You must be exhausted! lol
    She is just adorable, but I bet that you are right! You are going to have your hands full with this little cutie!

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