Winter Season’s Round Exchange: Part II

If the first part of my package was a disappointment, I have nothing but love for the second part.

I love everything about it, the whole process of making her, the way she turned out the feeling of giving her and knowing that she would be loved in her new home.

note: my package did actually go out on time, but it was right before me moved and it seems I forgot to post about it. I still have to get some pictures of the package from my partner. It’s wonderful!

7 thoughts on “Winter Season’s Round Exchange: Part II

  1. Anonymous

    Your doll is beautiful. Can you tell me how you did it? Is there a book or instructions? Please let me know! Kate

  2. Suzanne

    She is very lovely and yes, she looks like you! Your partner must be so happy with her. If you ever want to make another one I know this person named Suzanne:-)

  3. Melody

    Kate- she's needle felted. I'm sorry, I didn't use a book or a pattern or anything, just kind of made it up as I went along. But I'm sure there are plenty of books on needle felting that could give you a basic idea.

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