The Second Robe

Same pattern as the first. After the trouble I had with Elijah’s robe, I was hesitant to start an even larger version (Iain’s), so I decided to make some adjustments on a smaller scale, while making Galen’s.

~Galen and ‘Burdock’~

Of the three, I think his turned out the nicest.

And, when all else fails, it’s a great place to stash your sword…

Stuffed duck made from recycled sweaters by a local toy maker. Sword (a gift from my parents) by Isle of Man Woodworking.

4 thoughts on “The Second Robe

  1. Emily

    Thanks, Melody! I'm really enjoying perusing your archives! You have made such beautiful, simple, cozy knits for your babes. Happy New Year!

  2. Hobbit

    My Allaijah saw these picture and got very excited. "Galen with a duck!…Galen with a duck, again!" I think the robes are beautiful, and your pictures have been wonderful to see. I'm glad the duck aired out.

  3. Pampered Mom

    Made the mistake of clicking on the link to the maker of the sword when my husband was around. Oh boy! :0)

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