Christmas 2015

I never plan to take a giant blog break at this time of year, sometimes I even make an effort not to, but it always happens anyway.

I opted out of sewing Christmas pajamas this year, both because I had other projects to concentrate on and because I had something specific in mind that I very much did not want to make.  We purchased double thick, wool-cotton red union suits for the kids.  The making of which would have required sewing about a gazillion button holes in stretch fabric.  My brain translated that as akin to being trapped in a medieval torture device while forced to watch people burn perfectly good yarn.  No, no, and no I say!  It was a good purchase.  They will wear them under work clothes, under snow gear and around the house all winter long.

I was, however, content to do a little Christmas knitting and since the suits we bought came in sizes to fit everyone except for dear Seraphina, I made her one.  Very cute.  And I was right, that Hollyberry is an amazing color for her.

The whole time I was planning for Christmas, I was thinking in terms of keeping everyone warm for the winter.  Steve and I decided together that it was far more important to us that they feel well cared for than entertained.  We gathered together coats and wool socks to go with those woolly suits.  Wool on wool on wool, to shelter our babes from the harshness of a New England winter in the mountains.  On Christmas Day we beat the long standing record high by something like 15 degrees.  I walked barefoot in the garden, mostly so that I could say that I had.  It was far from unpleasant, though a little moist.

Don’t be too freaked out by the shorts and the fan.  It wasn’t that warm!  But I’ve noticed that teenagers tend to exaggerate these things for effect.and there was a smokey kitchen mishap (one of Galen’s precious pies bubbled over).

Some of the kids were devastated by the idea of a truly green Christmas, but they appeared to have a good time all the same.  To me it actually seemed the grandest of gifts.  It will be a story to tell, a memory to share, “Remember that Christmas where we were out playing football in tee-shirts?!?”  After a full summer of not really having the strength to step outside, much less enjoy the weather, I hoped and prayed for a long mild autumn.  And when I was granted it, I found my days too full of trying to play catch up to go out and enjoy it.  But on this one glorious day, I had nothing much left to do and I just reveled in it.  And, well, finally harvested my horseradish…


4 thoughts on “Christmas 2015

  1. Megan

    Love the union suits. I had one in my 20s and 30s and loved it. Winter has now arrived in Ottawa, Canada, but I ate my lunch outside and then hung the laundry out to dry on Christmas Eve. Incrdible. Lovely pictures, everyone looks so happy!

  2. Christina

    It has been a very warm autumn and winter so far down here in Texas. I was wondering how the NE was fairing.
    I know the kiddos probably had a wonderful time out playing with their dad!
    There is truly nothing more magical than going out into the garden and harvesting our own home grown foods!
    Happy New Year….

  3. Emily

    Yes! Here in Vermont, we jumped in the lake on Christmas Eve, just to say we did.. and so we could look back and remember the Christmas Eve we jumped in the lake :)

  4. Jen Gardner

    I am so happy for you that you were able to enjoy the holiday. Hope your New Year’s was relaxing too. I am sure you are in the midst of getting things going again with the schooling and life in general ramping back up- I hope everyone is healthy and well. I have not commented in probably several years, but I have popped in regularly in all that time to see how everyone is fairing and to marvel at what a lovely, strong woman you are. Just want you to know that your blog is a gift to me, and has been through so many struggles in my own life. Financial hardship and having my own experience with mold exposure and now autoimmune difficulties (in the last 3 years) have been much less terrifying because of the effort you put forth here on your blog. You remind me to try to see and focus on beauty and I cannot tell you what a gift that is. My own world and family is not nearly as connected with the earth as yours- and I lament it constantly. But- you inspire me, calm me, and provide a space which is always like somewhere to come home to, open myself and breathe. Thank you so much and know I am sending best wishes to you and yours- Happy January!

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