Happy Monday!

So, I had plans to post a Christmas Eve status update (these photos were to be a part of that) and I thought I would put out a Merry Christmas sort of post, but then I got caught up in all that is life and none of that ever happened. So I am here this morning to wish you a Merry Monday After Christmas and I hope that you are enjoying all of it’s charms (how many of you just cursed me into eternity?? Come on now, it’s not that bad…).

It’s actually no where near the end of the frantic holiday season for me. The holiday season doesn’t end, and the new year doesn’t officially start for me until January 6th, possibly a little later this year since we are a hosting a big double birthday party the following weekend. That is the earliest possible date for me to take a deep breath and have a good sit. But there has been a shift: first set of goals met (or at least a valiant effort was made) and it’s on to level two. This year that means a shift from the sewing machine to my knitting needles, and I quite welcome the change of pace, along with the potential movies that might be watched during said knitting.

Christmas was pretty nice here. A fairly quiet affair. It was good really, but it somehow had a little less sparkle for me this year then usual. I think a lot of that has to do with it coming right on the heels of the stress of our recent move. Everything was lovely really, I just couldn’t quite enjoy it to the fullest.

There was lots of fun to be had though. Iain and Elijah got this and I’m currently enjoying my reign as world champion….alright, well, house champion anyway. I’ve been joking that I finally found my sport. How sad is it that it’s tabletop pinball?!? Do you think I can count the blister that I’ve developed as a sports injury??

I’ll be rolling out some of the Christmas crafting, just as soon as I get some good pictures. Can you believe that my camera batteries died Christmas morning! Apparently some of my usual planning was overlooked. Gee, I wonder why. It’s not like there was anything else going on….hmm…

In a way it was good though. I kind of appreciated the shift in perspective; the move away from viewing through a lens and just being with everyone without any other agenda. It was a good one I think, for me in that moment in time. But it means that you might just have to wait a little bit to see how far I got with the Christmas pajamas!

And we still have Christmas part II to celebrate, with the arrival of my parents and sisters on New Years day. As I said, things are going to be busy, busy here for a bit longer yet.

Onwards and upwards!


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