A New Chapter

Well, we’ve arrived, more or less safely and soundly, at the threshold of our new life.

Màiri came down with a fever our very first night here. This has all been too much of a strain on her tiny body and soul. She needs to hibernate and do absolutely nothing for a while. It’s been three long nights of sitting up in motherly vigil. She’s sick in the sort of way that leaves me sitting up into the morning, holding her just so, for hours on end, just to let her rest. Every 40 minutes or so, she’ll cry out in pain and I’ll slip her some more aconite and sooth her back to sleep. I miss her sweet smiley self. I’m eager for her to reemerge out of this cloud of illness.

I’m finding the house to be very beautiful. Though it doesn’t completely eliminate it, it does somewhat cushion the blow of loosing our home. I think we have a chance at being very happy here.

In those rare moments when Màiri is resting peacefully, I’m devoting my time to getting to know this place; exploring the nooks and crannies, observing it’s different moods, it’s various quirks and idiosyncrasies, the way the light moves across it throughout the day…

The house is a traditional New England cape, built in the 1790′s, rich in charm and history. It certainly has a lot of character.

I had forgotten how noisy a house with things can be! The water pump, the washed and dryer running, the dishwasher. My ears aren’t used to the sound of modern life. Oh, but I do so welcome the chance to acclimate!

I had thought that once we landed, I would immediately spring into action, preparing for the holidays. So far, all I’ve managed to muster is a bit of knitting around Màiri while she sleeps. As she starts to feel better, I’m sure the rest will come too. I look forward to getting out to explore the land and town here and getting to know our new community. But for now, the quiet home bound pace that this little girl has set for us, is right where we need to be.


17 thoughts on “A New Chapter

  1. Michelle

    That house looks lovely! And the landscape, wow! Hope little one feels better soon. Happy new life Melody! You are off to a wonderful new beginning.

  2. Jenn

    I hope Mairi is feeling better soon (know all about all night vigils at the moment with Erik and his seemingly sensitive tummy).
    The house looks absolutely wonderful!!! I wish and hope for this to be a wonderful and healthy new beginning for all of you! And enjoy having modern amenities again :)

  3. Penny

    Melody – did you move to VT? I swear I know that house…

    I hope all are better soon :) and stay that way!

  4. sarah

    It looks lovely. And what a glorious view, so tranquil, so promising. I wish for you much happiness, comfort, and health.

    And I hope Mairi Rose feels better soon.

  5. Kerry

    Wishes for your baby to feel better soon. She is so darling. And congratulations on your new home. It looks like a lovely place to land at the end of such a long journey.

  6. Melanie

    Oh, it looks so beautiful! I can't wait to see more!
    I hope little Mairi feels better soon- I am sure she will with your care, and once she is all settled in.

  7. Suzanne

    We have a 1799 Cape on our hobby farm and it has been good to us. Here is sending prayers and good thoughts yours will do the same for you all. And wishing a quick recovery for your babe:-)

  8. Melanie

    I was wondering the same thing. . .whether you moved to Vermont. . .it would be great to have a fellow waldorf-homeschooler. . .

  9. mamana

    Sending healing thoughts to your sweet little girl – hope she's feeling all better very soon. Have fun settling into your new home, it looks like a wonderful place that will soon glow with all the joy and love your family will fill it with.

  10. Carrie

    Healing wishes for the littlest. Your new home is beautiful and already looking so warm. I hope you all adjust soon. Thanks for sharing.


  11. Hobbit

    There must be something so exciting about all new shafts of light to explore! We hope Mairi is well soon, and then we can come and meet the new home.

  12. Anonymous

    I see the beginnings of a beautiful home — I appreciate the strength of the beamwork and delicate light. Blessings to you and your family.

  13. onasilentsea

    it looks so beautiful. i hope mairi feels better soon and that you and your family begin to make some new warm memories in this space.

  14. Pia

    Melody, your house is beautiful! I hope you will be happy and really healthy there. :)

    Sending you blessings and an angel for Mairi.


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