Home for her is being wrapped in a woolen blanket, made by Mama or Me-Mom.

It’s diaper changes on a sheepskin by the fire and knowing that every day, Daddy will come and let her snatch his baseball cap.

Home is peek-a-boo under play silks when she’s fussy, with a different face appearing each time.

Home is the sound of the wind in the trees, the sound of children running, stomping, singing, laughing…

Home is waking up to smiles and kisses, joining hands with everyone for a blessing at mealtimes and snuggling under a down comforter between Mama and Daddy at night.

Home is a belly full of warm milk and sips of tulsi-rose tea from mama’s teacup.

Home is knowing that whenever the world gets too big or too scary, there is always a spot, just for her, on mama’s back.

Home is where she nuzzles her sleepy head behind the curtain of my hair.

Home is lullabies lovingly sung in boyish falsetto.

Home is balls of yarn to tangle and chase.

Home is the rhythm of a rocking chair, a nursery rhyme, a steady pat.

Home is a candle lit at dinner time.

Home is dreams and prayers softly spoken at the drowsy hours of twilight and dawn.

This blanket is the knitting project that was featured in my banner early in autumn. It’s one of the free patterns from the Project Linus site. The yarn is Cascade Eco+, left over from this project and that extra skein that accidentally found it’s way home with me back in February.


10 thoughts on “Home

  1. Michelle

    Melody, you are right on when you say those things. Perhaps those words will help you much during your transition.

  2. Beverly

    Oh, I have been blessed by what you have said. And I agree with Michelle. Surely those words will be a help to you during your transition.

    Beautiful photos of you and baby.

  3. mamana

    you are a true poet!
    thank you for sharing your words and pictures with us,
    they are such a gift. your baby looks so content and you look so cosy together – lovely.

  4. Jenn

    Beautiful pictures and words.
    She is adorable as ever.
    Wishing you a relatively easy move with your weather!

  5. Robin

    I love this blanket! Can you tell me how many yards of yarn you used and did you do the small or large? The pattern says 40 oz of worsted weight…but I have no clue how much that is! Thanks!! Robin

  6. Melody

    Monica- Elijah assisted me with them.

    Robin- I did the small one and used around a skein and a half of Cascade Eco Plus. I don't have the yardage in front of me, but I'm sure you could look it up easily enough. Good luck!

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