Harry and Ginny Move House

The tone around the old blog here has been a bit somber this week. Thank goodness we have the exploits of Harry and Ginny (a.k.a. Iain and Elijah) to provide a bit of comic relief! Those guys crack me up. Seriously, their current adventures in packing, rank right up there with Galen’s heartfelt rendition of “The Twelve Days of Christmas” (two turtle gloves… and a partridge in a pear tree!). I have made numerous attempts now at assisting with the packing of their room, each time it has been made clear to me that not only did they consider my help unnecessary, they considered it undesirable; which is to say that they more or less kicked me out! They’re seriously bummed about moving, but they’ve taken to packing with gusto. In fact, it’s been stated as their favorite of the day, at dinner time, three nights running.

These boys of mine have a touch of dramatic flare that extends beyond the occasional official performance and right on into everyday life. Character play reigns supreme here; sometimes characters they make up, others are gleaned from well loved books. My personal favorite is when they get it into their heads to play at being house elves. The game consists of attempting to clean the entire house and obeying my every word, the very second that a request is uttered. best. game. ever.

As the stack of boxes grew outside their bedroom door, I had to take a peek to see how they were getting along. And what a good giggle I got! Everything from the masking tape (because the stupid plastic tape kept falling off the holder!), to the combination of things in each package, the sometimes humorous and often times phonetic (or downright creative) spelling, to the fact that, yes, ALL their boxes are labeled as “Harry and Ginny’s”, all made for one great big laugh from this fond mama heart.

We’re in the midst of a fairly hearty snowstorm at the moment. Looks like moving is going to be delayed a day…


2 thoughts on “Harry and Ginny Move House

  1. Kim

    Very cool. You have very creative children. I think my 12 yr old is too old to convince that he really wants to be a house elf. Too bad.

    Sending you relaxing, calming, easy as pie moving vibes :)

  2. Michelle

    Man, you can't beat that. Great kids you have there Meloday. Are you moving far from your current home?

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