Letting Go

As you might imagine, we are doing a lot of letting go these days. Letting go of certain hopes and dreams, letting go of ideas about how our life would be, letting go of projects, once started, never to be finished.
But there is also a lot of every day letting go (clearly illustrated by my serving lunch an hour later then usual today, lunch being….popcorn) and letting go on a more seasonal scale.

This letting go thing is not something that I am skilled at! In fact, at this moment, I am still in denial. Just last night, I was at the fabric store, buying the last bit of fabric I need to make robes for the kids (knock, knock, knock), to go over Christmas pajamas that I still haven’t started yet (knock), all while Steve stands idly by, shaking his head (uh, Crazy Mommy? Is that you????). He knows better, but he also knows better then to try to convince me to give it up before I’m good and ready. The best he can do is wait for the train wreck and help to pick up the pieces when it comes. Poor fella.

I have made some concessions though. And I’ve required some of others. Last week the scene was in the yarn store. I needed one little thing and both Iain and Elijah declared that while we were there, they absolutely *must* get supplies for Christmas gifts.

Picture if you will, me running back and forth between two different aisles, trying to counsel two different boys, on the two different scarves, that they’ve separately and secretly, decided to make for each other. All while trying to keep Galen from emptying out all the buttons on the button display (Steve was sitting this one out in the car with a sleeping babe).

Time for a reality check. Ok, gentlemen, everyone come here to me! (by the button display so that Galen can amuse himself with supervision) Here’s the deal. Christmas is in *counts off the days*, in that time we are moving and trying to *rattles off the list of things aiming to be accomplished*, there is no possible way for you to make everything you wish to make, entirely in secret. So, how’s about, just for this one year you guys just tell each other what you are making for one another and that way you can help each other pick out the yarn and work on them together.

Quite thankfully, they agreed.

This is the scene that I came down to, a mere two days later…

These two are funny with their hand crafts. They might not show a lot of interest for a while, and then they’ll go through a phase where it’s all knitting (or sewing, or crochet…) all the time.

Elijah finished up his garter stitch “Gryffindor” scarf for Iain in 3 days. Now I just need to find the time to sit down and show him how to work in the ends.

And Iain is still chugging along with his “scarf to match Elijah’s new coat”. He’s working it in seed stitch and it’s a lot wider then the scarf Elijah made, so it’s taking a little longer.

He came to me the day after we bought the yarn and said, “My yarn looks so pretty, all laid out at the foot of my bed, I could just take a picture!” So of course I handed him the camera! I guess for all of his being like he’s father, in some ways he’s an awful lot like me as well!

I might just have to show him how to adjust the white balance.

It seems Elijah got in on the action too…

And on the subject of letting go, obviously, regular posting here has slipped by the wayside. We move on Thursday, so I’d imagine that these last few days here and a handful of days or so on the other side are going to be hit or miss, but I’m sure I’ll be stopping in from time to time.


11 thoughts on “Letting Go

  1. Melanie

    I love the way you write, Melody!
    I love the boys making their scarves for each other, I love Elijah standing to knit (and how else would one knit a scarf?!), and I am anxious to hear updates on your move and your new home.

  2. Penny

    Best wishes Melody, may everything in your future be better than you ever imagined…

    I'll be thinking of you Thursday…

  3. cecilia

    what wonderful gifts of homemade goodness :) and love that they took pics of their stash! wishing you a smooth move this week. i continually appreciate your words here – they speak to and heal in ways you probably don't know, but thank you.

  4. taimarie

    Such sweet knitting fellows! I'll be sending you some warm thoughts as you tackle this next challenge during this busy season. I can picture you in the fabric store, knowing I would be there too, trying to block out the reality of all that needs to be done. Hugs to you and your sweet family.

  5. sarah

    this is lovely :-)

    I wish you all the best for moving. What a sad time for you. But I hope so much you are moving into something wonderful and healthy and roomy and good.

  6. mamana

    Sending you light in this winter darkness – and wishes that as you let go of so many things, the spaces that are left will make room for so much joy and healing and abundance. I'm happy to know that you are all still making lovely things and enjoying the rituals of the season even amidst so much change and uncertainty. Your strength and grace are such an inspiration, thank you. Blessings and love to you all.

  7. Carrie

    Such a beautiful story between your boys. Wishing you speedy crafting hands, as well as peace during this time.

    Popcorn lunches? They help me get through the day as well. :)


  8. Michelle

    Good luck with your move Melody. I hope that it is not too hard on your little family. I cannot beleive your boys can knit so well at such a young age. Fantastic.

  9. Pampered Mom

    I can relate to the "letting go" part…although I'm finding a hard time letting go. Waiting on baby at 41+ weeks isn't quite what I had in mind. There are lots of things I've wanted to do, especially this holiday season.

    Here's wishing you a quick and easy move! (I hate moving!)

  10. Annelise

    This makes me ashamed of the fact that I cannot figure out how to knit. My husband learned in half an hour from a shoddy diagram. I guess I’ll just keep at it and hope something clicks!

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