in moss…

Goodness, I can’t decide if it’s ridiculously cute or just plain ridiculous!  That collar looked much smaller all scrunched up on my needles.  And the hair!  I don’t even know what happened there.  There were kids egging me on.  She absolutely hates the sweater.  Though it seems to be growing on her.  The first time I tried it on her she screamed and cried and ripped it off.  She kept trying to convince me it was Mairi’s hoping that she could be rid of it that way.  The second time we tricked her into it by being terribly amusing (distracting) while she was getting dressed and every time after when she thought about it and started pulling at it.  I’m not sure what her issue is with it?  The yarn is very soft.  I think it must be the crazy collar.  Whatever her qualms, she seems to be mellowing.  Which is a very good thing because she’s in need of warm clothes.  Last week she even brought it to me asking to wear it.


9 thoughts on “in moss…

  1. Jeanette

    she is such a doll and that green looks marvelous on her! I just love the whole outfit! Hopefully she’ll come around and want to wear it.

  2. Katurah

    Oh, she’s darling. And the green does look lovely on her. My girls used to call their hair “caterpillar hair” when they would do it like that, and thought it was very cool. I guess those high pigtails reminded them of antennae?

  3. Karisma

    It is ridiculously cute. I imagine wearing it though could be a little uncomfy. That is a lot of ruffle on the neck for a little one. Love her socks and knickers too. So sweet. :-)

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