Knitting for Màiri

I know, y’all are totally shocked that I would knit something for my daughter, aren’t you? This one is special though. This is the first project that I started after she was born (uhm, yeah, that would be nearly 11 months ago now). After spending so many years admiring, but never having reason to make all of those sweet knitted dresses, lacy cardigans, and darling skirts, I was so eager to cast on a feminine little knit for my brand new baby girl.

I cast on for this dress when she was 4 days old. I remember being so awed by the fact that *I*, wonder of wonders, had a daughter. Truth be told, I still sort of am. I suppose this little dress was my way of celebrating that joy.

This vintage duck button came in a tin that my Mother-in-law sent me. I actually wanted to use a little Scottie dog button I have, but couldn’t find that particular button jar. I’m sure it’s been lost somewhere in the process of packing. No doubt it will turn up at some point.

And look at my baby girl now! I can’t believe how big she’s getting.

I took these pictures before blocking (silly of me) which is why the hem keeps rolling up. If you can’t tell, it’s the same blue color as the rest of the trim.

And now for the story of how this dress came about and why it’s taken me so very long to finish it up. Well, so here I was, 4 days postpartum, with my tiny love bug all snuggled up with me, I only had one knitting book out from the library at the time (sometimes I have upwards of 20!). It was one of the Debbie Bliss baby books, though I don’t remember which one (I do know that it’s not “The Baby Knits Book”, as I have that one out right now and it’s not in it). And this dress here was the one pattern that screamed, “Girl!” I think it was called ‘dress with eyelets’ or something like that. The pattern is for all one color, I added the stripes, which nearly became my downfall, as you’ll see later.

The yarn I had on hand from a package (mentioned here) that my friend Claire had just sent.

What happened was this; I started knitting and made it all the way through the skirt part of the back, at which point I was faced with the knowledge that there was no way that I could continue with the stripe pattern that I had started with and have all the colors make it all the way up the bodice. There was plenty of yarn, just not enough to continue with the same size stripes.

Now my poor befuddled postpartum brain had two problems with this:

1) I would have to come up with other options and that would require what seemed like a whole lot of thought, and *gasp* possibly math.

2) I would then have to make a decision as to which option I liked best.

Both of these things being utterly beyond me at the time, I kept picking it up staring at it for a couple of minutes and putting it back down again. Rather then continue to torture myself, I finally just put it aside for a while.

It’s just that “a while” turned into a very long while indeed. I’m so, so glad that it still fits! And, when I did finally come back to it, I took the easy way out and introduced an entirely new color for the bodice.

I really should get more original about my pictures, I think that nearly everything I’ve ever made for her has been photographed in our bed. But it’s just such an easy, comfy, sunshine-y spot. And well, I should have a whole new range of settings to explore soon enough.


11 thoughts on “Knitting for Màiri

  1. Kimberley Lynch

    Ohhhhh! And Ooooooooh! I love the dress soooo much, and your girl, well, she is so so sooooo sweet. Daughters are something to be treasured!

  2. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    Oh my, that dress is so wonderful! My head is sometimes filled with thoughts of knitted dresses and jumpers (often inspired by your knitting). Though my girls are nowhere near babies anymore.
    I've caught up with some of your recent posts, seems you have a lot going on. Good luck with the moving, gift making, and finding some balance and strength to get through it all!

  3. Melanie

    I absolutely love it- I love the color of the bodice!
    I am curious about Mairi's tights- they look nice and thick- where are they from?
    I am always struck how much Mairi looks like your Iain! How fun!

  4. Michelle

    That is one beautiful dress Melody. Hey, its taken me over a month to make a simple hat for Pete's Sake.

  5. Lil

    Lovely (dress and girl). I even think the gray body is the best solution, as it enhances the stripes on the skirt.

  6. Claire

    OMG that is so flippin cute!!! I wonderd what you would use that yarn in and it couldn't look better! I adore it, I think I might even use that pattern to make my dd a dress…. been wondering what to knit her next :)


  7. Monica

    That is really pretty! I too love the final effect with the stripes in the skirt and the one colour bodice :)

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