Feeling nostalgic tonight….

Remember when I first posted this picture?

It was nearly a year ago now. Amanda (of SouleMama)’s post this morning about the days leading up to her baby’s birth, had me searching back through my photos and pulling up old blog posts. Our babies were actually due around 2 weeks apart, but they ended up being over 6 weeks apart!

My goodness, looking at this big, big belly of mine, I often joke that my 5′ 0″ self did not properly think through the marrying of my 6′ 4″ husband! These babies of mine have nowhere to go but out (though it sure takes them long enough to *actually* come out). I can still make out the traces of henna on my belly from my blessingway. I think at some point, when I have actual walls perhaps, I’ll have to frame one of these, just to have, to remind myself of that sweet time. I can’t believe it’s been nearly a year now. I’m really amazed by that fact. And humbled by it too; wanting to cherish each and every moment all the more carefully.

This last one always makes me laugh.
It’s obviously not fancy or pretty, just a picture that Iain took one night when I was 41 weeks, 3 days along and oh. so. ready. Galen wanted a picture of his belly too (that’s why his shirt’s up), and then he decided to steal my nose. I think it’s one of my favorite moments in time that was ever captured.


5 thoughts on “Feeling nostalgic tonight….

  1. ittybittyandpretty

    what a lovely post…yes as much as i complain about grubby fingers and noisy fights i do love my little ones and loved the feeling of each one growing inside me. certainly put one in a frame and proudly display it.
    xx rosey

  2. Melanie

    How beautiful you were (are)! What an adorable belly! And for your tiny little self, you sure carried it well- being so front heavy!
    I am 5'9" and also get huge while pregnant (big 9 pound babies)- I always thought that short women look so cute with big bellies. :)
    I am pregnant again with baby #4- and looking at these makes me want to look back at pictures of my pregnant self too.

    Alas, time flies past too fast.

  3. Hobbit

    Oh Melody, these are beautiful! Doesn't sepia tone make everything better? Seeing these makes me wish we could have been pregnant together; we could compare who was wider. I often joke that I become 5×5 when i'm pregnant! what do you say–wanna try for #'s 4 and 5?

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