Lanterns and Plays for Martinmas

We recently started regularly meeting with two other Waldorf homeschooling families and it’s so wonderful! I can tell that the building up of this mini community is going to be such a beautiful experience for all of our families.

Last week we had everyone over to our house to make lanterns for our Martinmas celebration. We are celebrating a bit late because we have big plans and need the extra time to be adequately prepared.

Ten lanterns were made at once in my little living room, with tissue paper ending up everywhere, and it was great. Galen’s first tissue and glue laden balloon exploded and we had quite the laugh when, two days later, we discovered a wad of tissue paper glued to the ceiling!

I loved seeing them all bobbing around on my clothes line by the fire. We made this type this year. They really are lovely, though I think that the blue ones are going to turn out a bit dark. We might try punching some holes in them or cutting out star shapes and backing them with yellow tissue.

We are currently in the thick of rehearsals for our Saint Martin play, with our performance scheduled for next weekend. And after our play we’ll have out little lantern walk, with all these pretty ones aglow.


One thought on “Lanterns and Plays for Martinmas

  1. Carrie

    I'm so happy that you are getting together with other Waldorf families!

    The lanterns are beautiful. I'm really excited to hear about your play and subsequent lantern walk – I hope you'll share news of your upcoming celebration.


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