Iain and Elijah had their first public choral performance this weekend at a beautiful old church. I’ve always been drawn to the architecture of churches; the variations over the course of history and differences from denomination to denomination. The boys had to be there early to rehearse, so I got to spend some time poking around; checking out the artwork and noticing all the details that one might not otherwise see.

It turned out to be a stunning autumn day, far beyond expectations. Once we were certain that the big boys were settled, I suggested taking the little ones to the toy store up the road and buying a ball to toss around. So we got to take a nice walk to the store and back to the park.

Galen picked out a ball with a solar system theme. I thought it was a good choice considering his brothers’ planet obsession. Plus, he’s been asking me to make him a sun for his birthday and I’ve never been quite sure what that means. But he seemed to feel that this met that need, so shweew, I’m off the hook!

He also spotted a pin wheel, that somehow got added on to our purchase and pleased him to no end. It may very well have been the best $1.95 I’ve ever spent.

Little Rosebud was ever so delighted with the new toys as well. She was hilarious with the ball; rolling it around and chasing it where ever it went. Poor girl, she would no sooner come within five feet of the person in possession when it would be tossed again and she’d have to crawl off in the other direction!

After a while, Galen wasn’t so keen on sitting and rolling it with her and developed a tendency towards walking away with it once she rolled it. Wee though she is, a certain Little Miss has indeed noticed this te


4 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. Lizz

    Wonderful! I'd love to come along. I know what you mean about missing extended family. The light is lovely on your day and I like your dress, the color.


  2. gomezjj2

    love the pics. Thanks for sharing. I also have family far away in idaho. We are the only ones here. Can totally relate!

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