Mairi Rose and Seraphina were off playing and giggling by themselves.  I peeked in to find Mairi had dressed them both up.  Seraphina looked at me very solemnly indeed and said, “tutu” with a nod of her head.  Serious and important business that.

I wanted to thank you all for your kind words of support on my last post.  Believe it or not, the week actually became more challenging as it progressed, but I’ll not talk about that now.  I only mention it to say that many of your comments really bolstered me up and helped me along and I am grateful for that.  I’d like to write to each and every one of you, but my computer time is limited.  Please know that you have been heard and appreciated.  I’m also deeply grateful for sweet little girls in tutus and brothers who reach them up to the ceiling!


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