Leaf Mobile

Monday morning Galen woke up with a burning desire to make a mobile. I have absolutely no idea what inspired this, but it was all he could talk about all morning. Really, his resolve suited me just fine as I’ve always loved mobiles of all sorts. The only thing was to decide on what kind to make. Simplicity was of the utmost importance to me. And a bit mother nature’s bounty was the answer.

We gathered our leaves that day, though most of the ones around our home are decidedly past their prime. The blackberry bushes still yielded some interesting splashes of color. And the little bit of red oak available to us was still at it’s stunning best. We managed a bit of yellow from the birches. And really nothing says “autumn” like the big brown oak leaves anyway. And they are so sturdy that they we often find the wind skidding them around on top of a crusty snow; with no sign of a blemish or a crease.

We dipped our leaves in beeswax that evening before dinner.

Then our project sat until Wednesday. We had plans for a full family field trip on this day, but the rotation of this illness made it so that we had to divide up. Steve, out and about with the older boys, and me at home, tending under the weather littles.

Galen and I took this opportunity to string up our leaves and hang them in the playroom. It was hard to limit the kids when they were so enjoying dipping the leaves. Which meant that we ended up with a lot of leaves. And of course Galen insisted that we simply must use them all, making the resulting mobile quite large. It’s hung close to the ceiling and he can still reach it while standing on the ground.

It’s a bit lop-sided at the moment. One very large and heavy leaf fell off the end, setting it off balance. I kind of like it. We’re going to say it has artistic flair. A decision that probably had a lot to do with the fact that I have absolutely no desire to climb on a ladder to fix it!

7 thoughts on “Leaf Mobile

  1. sarah

    How beautiful. I love looking at photos of things in your house because the light is so luxurious. It must be heart-breaking to think of leaving. Have you had much luck in locating a safe new home?

    I hope the illness passes away soon.

  2. Michelle

    That is so lovely and rustic! I love it. We didn't get any colored leaves this year. NONE. It froze hard before they turned and now they are still on the trees and nice shade of ugly.

  3. Carrie

    I love the leaf mobile. You all had so much patience to create one so large!

    We made one at the Autumn Equinox (for balance, of course!) and I would love to do another one. Please tell me, do you have a dedicated pot to beeswax? I was given a bunch of aluminum pots from my grandparents, which we won't use for cooking, but this seems like a good way to put them into action….


  4. Melody

    sarah- yes, that room and the one above it (our bedroom) are very beautiful and pleasing to be in at certain times of day. They are two small rooms (9 X 9) stacked on top of each other with great big windows on three sides which creates all different kinds of light moods.

    No luck finding a house yet. My resolve is starting to waiver. Not that that matters, seeing as we don't really have a choice at this point.

    Michelle- oh that's just wrong!!

    Carrie- I use an old coffee can and put that in a regular pot of boiling water. It's safer so. Direct heat can cause a flare up. Also makes for easy-peasy clean up. I just dry the outside and cover it.

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