Work in Progress Wednesday: a flop

I’ve never really attempted one of these theme type days (the work-in-progress Wednesdays, book sharing Mondays, gratitude Fridays, wordless Wednesdays and so forth) for any length or time because that doesn’t tend to be my posting style. I post what’s on my mind, when it’s on my mind, and go from there and it’s suited me just fine for many years now. But at the moment I’m actually feeling like I could use a bit more discipline in several areas of my life, blogging included and crafting especially! I’m feeling what a friend refers to as “pixilated”, as in lacking focus. So I’m going to try one theme day for a bit and see how it feels.

I had an unofficial work-in-progress post last week too, did anyone figure out what I was working on? Or did come off as a crazy women with that one???

The pictures in this post are from a crafting failure. This little hat was supposed to be part of Màiri’s Halloween costume. Only it ended up far too little. As I new it would the entire time I was knitting it. I have no idea why I decided to keep knitting and trust the pattern instead of myself. Not sure what I’m going to do with it now. I may just frog it. I have some friends who are pregnant right now, but as far as I know, all are expecting boys. Galen says Teddy might be in need of a new hat, but only if I finish it with ties (apparently Teddy has no tolerance for his hats falling off). We’ll see.

Most of my crafting over the last two weeks has been Halloween related. And I’ll get around to sharing all of that eventually. We were invited to a costume party mid-November, which will be a good excuse to get into those costumes that didn’t see much use at Halloween.

Meanwhile, I woke up this morning and realized with a start that it’s really and truly NOVEMBER now, making Christmas, not some far off, distant event, occurring sometime in the vague and far off future, but a very definite reality, occurring next month. Eek!

Suddenly those meager beginnings at preparations seem very, very limited indeed. It’s time to really and truly get a move on now.


4 thoughts on “Work in Progress Wednesday: a flop

  1. shellyfish

    Welcome to W.I.P. Wednesday! So happy to have you join us, and please don't worry about not posting every Wednesday…just when you feel the urge! I've added you to the Wipster List, too.

  2. Michelle

    Melody, I am sure you will be all ready for Christmas. If not, put on the tea kettle and get after it! ;)

  3. renee ~ heirloom seasons

    The hat is still cute, even if way too small. I enjoy seeing what you are working on. I have joined in with the WIP Wednesday posts a few times now. I hope to keep it up. Pretty fun.

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