Just stopping by…

To post a couple of pictures from a nature walk that we took with some friends last week.

I’ve got my hands full today with sick little people, and after a night of no sleep, my resources are limited.

The echinacea, vitamin C and elderberry syrup are all all flowing freely here. And I’ll have some chicken soup going before long.

No one is too bad off just now. I think that with a little extra nourishment and a lot of rest and love, we’ll all be better again in a few days.


5 thoughts on “Just stopping by…

  1. Suzanne

    Those rememdies are what we are taking daily now too–vitamin D also:-) Hope your better soon, chicken soup is a great healer. I always keep the ingredients for it on hand from October on! I put alot of garlic cloves in my stock:-)

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