snapshots: this moment

bottom of the fifth
Them: pleased with themselves for talking their way into staying up late.

Me: cramming for Halloween

Her: doing her very best to follow my lead.

Them: searching the stations, trying to find the game, keep the game, get back to the game; playing yahtzee at the slow parts and commercials.

Littlest Him: creeping down through the night. “I can’t hear up there!”

All lights on long into the dark. So much for bedtimes. Yawns are stifled.

Them: pretending they know what they’re talking about

Us: trying not to show our laughter to them

Me: ushering Littlest Him to lay down, “You can stay and listen, but you must stay tucked up!”

Littlest Him: sneaking away to hide under the table and hoping that I won’t notice his little self.

There will be sleepy heads in this house tomorrow. But tonight makes me smile. Tonight makes me laugh. It’s so very full of home and life and family. Tomorrow will take care of tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “snapshots: this moment

  1. Lizz

    I agree. Sometimes it's just fun to be together, any hour. We've had some of the same and have all been napping together in the afternoons.

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