notes from the chocolatier

Otherwise known as my kitchen or, more accurately, my oven tucked under the stairs. It’s true, I’m like the culinary Harry Potter. When I run out of room on the cook top, I balance plates and things on the trashcan lid. Thankfully there are fewer spiders, although, with the stairs above being unfinished, people sometimes accidentally kick dirt into the food below.

It is here that I’ve been experimenting with making my own raw chocolates, in preparation for the holiday season. I was looking for something a little more exciting for Halloween treats this year. It turns out that children do reach an age where they are less then wowed by raisins and popcorn. Not that anyone’s complaining really, I just think they would be delighted by something more.

Clearly this batch came out of the molds too soon. I think I’m going to choose to blame the kids for this one. That’s right, it was the kids who were impatient. Uh-huh.

They may look a little funky, but taste tests have confirmed them to be simply divine. In fact, my children have deemed it the best chocolate they’ve ever had. Granted, their experience in this area isn’t terribly extensive, but still… Made of antioxidant rich, organic raw cacao butter and powder and sweetened with agave nectar, they are far more innocent then their commercial counterparts.

I do love chocolate and even strongly crave it from time to time, but I’m not one of those people who has to have it every day. Something about these is so extremely satisfying that it only takes one or two and I’m content; so not the case with conventional candy. Did I just say candy?!?!? Oh, my, no, but this is not candy! It’s CHOCOLATE in the fullest sense.

The smell of it permeates our home. It scents my hair, my skin tastes of it; it’s all very rich and decadent and sensual you know! Can you tell that I’m immensely enjoying playing ‘Chocolat’? Oh, yes. All the same, I don’t think that it will be a regular thing, more of a couple times of year, special occasion type ritual. I’m thinking that chocolate making would be a popular addition to our advent activities and since starting all this, I’ve been dying to make chocolate covered strawberries…hmmm….Valentine’s Day?


5 thoughts on “notes from the chocolatier

  1. Kimberley Lynch

    Joanne Harris has a delightful cookbook with great recipes in it (and yes some chocolates!) I love it. For me, the movie Chocolat is great…everything I love: France, Chocolat…Johnny Depp. *sigh*

  2. Hobbit

    mmmmm….i've not told you of my secret dream to open a tiny, decadent chocolate shop in town…just a dream…are you coming to craft tomorrow?

  3. Melanie

    Oh my! Delicious!
    You are such a wonderful writer- your vivid descriptions, and your humor- I so enjoy reading your words!

  4. Catherine

    Yum, Mel, that sounds divine! Would you share your recipe? I might give this a try for Halloween…

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