A Little Elf Cap (and lots of baby sweetness)

So, as I’m pulling pictures aside as possible images for this post, it occurs to me that I have 43. Yup. Forty-three pictures of one hat on one baby. And that’s just the ones I was considering. You can imagine how many I must have took (I would tell you, but I don’t even know since I was deleting blurry and unflattering ones as I went along). But honestly, it couldn’t be helped. I mean you understand, don’t you? Show me a more darling baby and I will eat that hat.

Right. That’s what I thought. So, many, many pictures of a baby in a hat it is. Though I did manage to whittle it down a little…

Those little over-alls that she’s wearing came from my friend Claire, who made them for her daughter Esmé. Màiri has been wearing them since she was around two months old, and I just keep squishing her in them because I love them so. Really that time is coming to an end though. I do have to give up at some point and admit that they no longer fit.

Oh my goodness, can you see this goofy smile?!? Ssssoooooo, funny. I’ve been joking that she should be Dracula for Halloween. She cut two teeth front and bottom and her two ‘eye teeth’. And so far that’s all, making for one very silly baby grin.

The yarn is called ‘Poems’ by Wisdom Yarns. The colorway is 517. I spotted it on a clearance table and grabbed two skeins with plans for a soaker, but being gifted a few hand-me-down ones, the yarn went towards this hat instead. I am, as of yet, undecided as to what the remaining skein and a quarter will be. This work in progress picture gives a better view of the colors, back when I was focusing on the yarn and not the gorgeous girl wrapped up in it (priorities people).

~psst….I think this one’s my favorite! ~

The pattern comes from the Fall 2008 issue of Living Crafts magazine. I like it a lot. It was quick, easy, and *clearly* adorable (even if Steve does think it looks like a Romulan helmet).


8 thoughts on “A Little Elf Cap (and lots of baby sweetness)

  1. sarah

    Oh my goodness she is sooooo gorgeous! With her and her three brothers, you must have a heart made of candyfloss by now.

  2. Julian

    oh man………. what a rolly polly ball of cuteness and sugar! Yeah, now we know why so many pics!

  3. cecilia

    amazingly beautiful girl you have there…. those eyes, the cheeks, that little mouth… aye, perfection!! and yes, the hat too, just lovely :)

  4. jennhpiper

    I found this lovely blog thru Sewing Mamas. Our daughters greatly favor each other although they are a few months apart in age.
    I often check your blog just to catch a glimpse of this GORGEOUS child! Our girls both have those edible cheeks and smiles that light up the room. Know that a mama in Alabama thinks that you and your dh make the most beautiful children I have ever seen.

  5. Russ & Kelly

    Just wanted you to know that your hats were my inspiration to making a few for my 10 week grandson. I even made him a pumpkin hat! I crocheted them as I can't knit more than a straight line! I tried using a pattern on one hat and ended up giving it to the dog (even he doesn't like it). So I gave up using patterns and just wing it. Anyway…you ARE my inspiration!

    Mairi would really have a fit if I ever met her…I wouldn't be able to stop kissing on those cheeks or squeezing her as she is so darn cute! Even your boys are gorgeous!

  6. Carrie

    My husband also said romulan helmet. I knitted two of them, though they didn't turn out quite so nicely as yours. I used size 8 needles and believe I would like to go down a few sizes, as well as try this in the round. Seaming just isn't what I want to be doing after finishing a project….


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