Finally ready….

Two years ago….

Last year.

And this year…

Finally ready from some leaf jumping fun with her big siblings in her new High Waisted Overalls!  And oh, is she ever so pleased about it.  The autumn season has been one of magical discovery for her, from the very first leaves drifting perplexingly down from the trees while she stood pointing skyward calling, “uh-oh! uh-oh! fell!” to the leaves placed in her hands that were so brightly colored and lovely that she kept calling them flowers, and now on to crispy-crunchy leaf jumping fun.

I worked on these overalls late in the summer, just as the goldenrod was starting to go over.  We would be on our way somewhere and I would be knitting away as we passed field upon field reflecting the colors in my hands.  It was such a lovely feeling to be tuned into the natural world in that way that I started to think I should knit from nature, taking my cues from the season all the time.  Of course winter might get a bit monotonous.  And easily stained.

These photos were taken on one of our forest days, when the three littlest ones and I were sheltering under some trees at the edge of the woods, near our fire pit, during a light rain.  We roasted apples and baked potatoes and made a small impromptu pile of leaves for playing.  They have a monstrous heap now.  One that all five of them could hide in without detection.


14 thoughts on “Finally ready….

  1. Tania

    These overalls are so adorable and I love the colour – perfect for Autumn. The pictures are beautiful too. I love the 2 years ago, one year ago and then this year trio. Has your little one just celebrated a birthday?…We have been celebrating my baby’s first this week – so bitter sweet! So happy to have found your beautiful blog.

  2. Heather

    I just melted. She is so so very lovely – and those knits! I bet women are seeing this post and spontaneously ovulating all over the place lol. There will be so many new babies ;)

  3. Abby

    Oh my goodness these came out darling! My sister told me you posted this – and I am so flattered to read it and see the pictures of these overalls! I am glad you like the pattern :)
    I may have to knit some in the same colors!

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