snapshot: Peace

The members of our humble home have had a trying several days. The fabric of our lives seems to be fraying at the edges, leaving us all rough and ragged.

When communications break down, when I’m at the end of my rope, when I start questioning everything I’ve ever done as a parent, I’m going to remember this image right here. I’m going to try my darnedest to channel the mood of this sun-shiny, milk-mouthed, moment of rest and repose.


6 thoughts on “snapshot: Peace

  1. cecilia

    completely and utterly beautiful image for focus…
    though i do not "know" you, i am feeling for you in these circumstances your family is navigating, i sincerely hope that channeling this peace brings you to the place you want/need to be or at least can be calming/centering… to me, you seem so very aware and mindful, and i believe that to be of utmost importance for our families as mothers.
    the image, especially when we can look right down at our child being enveloped in peace and comfort, is one for meditation…. i will remember to take that as a blessing even more today when i feed my littlest baby girl.
    thank you again for sharing in this blog~

  2. Carrie

    Beautiful picture. I have a similar one (though not so well made) of my children and it DOES bring peace and centering to me. Thanks so much for sharing such a meaningful photograph.

    Peace and blessings during this time for you all.


  3. maria h

    my thoughts are with you…those are the hardest days, and when we most need reminders of what makes it all worthwhile. best.

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