Autumn in the Playroom

These are some snapshots from our play area. It’s not really a room unto itself, but something of a room-sized alcove off of our main living area. It’s completely open to the rest of the main floor, but it also has it’s own defined space and it’s own feel. With all of my blunders in designing this house (and there were many), this room I did right. It works exactly as I envisioned.

It’s a space to be apart, but still near by. It can all spill out into the living area, but at the end of the day there is a specific place to tuck up all the toys, giving the grown-ups room to roam.

I was inspired to bring a bit of fall to the room this week. It was starting to take on a neglected air. I finally reinstated a nature table, albeit a very low key one. What few autumn books I could find are set out in a crate for easy access. I’m considering doing some selective unpacking to reclaim the rest. With pressed leaves in the windows and a row of pumpkins atop the kitchen set, it’s feeling considerably more festive.


6 thoughts on “Autumn in the Playroom

  1. Carolyn

    I love the 'room'….I'd like to have a designated child space but they just seem to take over the entire house and garden!!!! Only my veg patch is safe!!!
    I love autumn….the colours are just wonderful aren't they.

  2. Melanie

    I love it- and I imagine beautiful natural light flowing into it!
    I love the pressed leaves- did you do them in wax paper? I'd love to do that.
    We've dipped leaves into beeswax and hung them- but this year I need my little store of beeswax to make salve, so I'd like to try whatever it is that you did. . .

  3. Jenn

    Your leaves remind me of when I was little and my grandma & great grandma and I would go walking in the woods just to collect leaves to press and either hang or make construction paper frames for.
    Also makes me smile because we have mostly pine needles surrounding us, but Harmony always finds the stray leaf that ends up on our porch and carries it around all day as a trophy.

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