A Rainbow of Colors

I’m not the only on getting ready for the winter holidays. Galen, whether from hearing me talk about it, or some other influence, has been eager to get his gift making underway.

The children’s choir rehearsals season has started, which means that the little, little ones and I have one night a week, where it’s just us. Some times we go with them and walk around town. Occasionally I need to attend a parents meeting, where Steve and I take turns entertaining the Littles. And some weeks, like last week, we stay home to just spend some time being together.

Galen has been going through a trying phase. It’s trying for both of us. He’s frustrated a lot and acting out. It’s partly developmental, part situational, and part of it is just the bumpiness of growing as a family. Whatever the reason, I know that this time together where it’s (mostly) just us, is so, so important to him right now. With that in mind, I’m trying to make the most of it. In following his lead, I decided to ask him for the details on the gifts he wants to make. Oh my, but there were a lot of details! I finally talked him down to his top 3 gifts for Màiri; two for Christmas and one for her birthday which falls shortly after. I didn’t have anything to fit his vision (this boy is all about rainbows right now and I had none on hand), and I came up with the idea of setting him up to dye the fabric himself.

These little bits below were made by using a paint brush to paint the Kool-Aid onto the wool…And they are the first part of this grand scheme.

His plans for his brothers were less well defined. I suggested that since we were to have the dye set up anyway that perhaps we could dye them some yarn.

He liked that idea and he *loved* wielding that baster! Honestly we both had a lot of fun.

I think the boys will appreciate their gift. They are both rapidly gaining skills in various yarn crafts and it will be a treat for them to have their own specially hand-dyed wool instead of scavenging through the little bits and pieces leftover in my yarn basket.

We used the remainder the Eco-Wool from Màiri’s vest. The one in blues and greens if for Iain and the shades of orange for Elijah.

Being just a bit too little, in a family that is full of people who are constantly making practical, useful things, whether it be furniture, food or clothes, is such a frustration for my poor little Goosey Boy. It’s such a joy for him to have something to be proud of. To be able to make and give something that will be appreciated and useful, rather then the usual sort of preschooler gifts. The kind that are sweet and cherished by motherly hearts, but destined for no more then a spot in a box somewhere, serving as a childhood relic.

I’m so glad to be able to give him that.


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