The Pumkin Harvest!

I think this year was the quickest pumpkin harvest our farm has ever known! Not such a good thing really. An entire half of their crop didn’t produce any pumpkins at all. No one knows why. It really has been just an awful year for farmers.

Oh, but it wouldn’t be the end of September for us without the community pumpkin harvest.

And there was enough out there to keep all of the kids busy for a bit.

Yes, there was a bit of hat sharing going on that day.

And then there was the ride around the farm to look forward to after.

I think there will be more pumpkins for us in the coming weeks. In a normal year we take home one pumpkin per child. This year, due to the poor harvest, we were only permitted one per family. Something tells me that a farm stand stop is in order…

2 thoughts on “The Pumkin Harvest!

  1. Michelle

    What a wonderful life you have. So many traditions and rituals and celebrations. I don't even know where to start with my family besides the usual suspects.

  2. Allie

    What lovely pictures! I also enjoyed seeing little rosebud looking very much like a sleeping rosebud, the great autumn package you and your kids crafted – the recipients will love it! And… the crochet post. I do crochet, and have found that it's often not as relegated as knitting. Your approach was very cute!
    Both cowls were cool too :)

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