Looking Ahead

I had every intention of doing a “Christmas in July” post talking about thinking ahead to the holiday season; planning and doing well in advance. But July got busy and the post never came. I did, however, get a start on things.

I have some presents tucked away here and there. I have many, many lists. Lists of things to do, lists of things to bake, lists of gifts to make, lists of gifts the kids want to make. I have lots of lists. And I have some supplies, because there is bound to be some crafting…of course, of course, of course!

I have extensive (and slightly delusional) plans for the Christmas pajamas this year. That link is from three years ago, wow! Look at baby Galen! Here are the ones I made two years ago, and last year’s are here and here.

This really is one of my favorite parts about being a mama. I love being the person who grows and sculpts family traditions. I love finding ways to add warmth, spirit, beauty and meaning to our celebrations. I love working with my own hands to create, with love, special things for those special times and making each celebration uniquely our own.

Also high up on my to-create list at the moment….

birthday sweaters for all three of my winter babies.

10 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Kimberley Lynch

    Oh yes! I hear you! I have lists of lists…and projects I am always dreaming up…and new traditions to add along the way! We will be celebrating Michaelmas for the first time tomorrow with the making of "Dragon Bread!"
    Happy Creating,

    PS-I the new header!

  2. Melanie

    We also have a Christmas Jammies tradition!
    I am anxious to see the birthday sweaters. My boys are winter babies- I would love to start a sweater tradition for birthdays. Will you share the patterns you're planning to use?

  3. Heather

    We also have a Christmas jammies and birthday sweaters tradition. I have a project book, and it does actually keep me on track most days :) . Really enjoyed finding your blog

  4. skrimpy

    I've used the "big girl" version of the girl's pj pattern you have pictured – both the warm weather and cool weather jammies and it is a wonderful pattern. Enjoy – I love hearing of your traditions!

  5. Melody

    Sweater patterns:
    well, Màiri's is actually going to be a dress. It's the "dress with lace edging" from "The Baby Knits Book" by Debbie Bliss.

    For Galen I'm making the "Children's Neck Down Cardigan" by "Knitting Pure and Simple", because a basic cardi, with classic styling, in the next size up, is just what he needs.

    Iain's is either going to be "Laughing Carrots" (available on Knitty.com) or (more likely I think) the "Child's Aran Sweater" by Melinda Goodfellow of Yankee Knitter Designs. His will be the most complicated and time consuming by far, and not just because he's huge now! But I wanted to do something really special for him and he just loves cables, so…

  6. Dee

    Making up the traditions is one of my favorite parts of being a mama too. Can't wait to see all your projects completed! I plan to make pj pants for all my babes this Christmas season.

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