Eighteen Months (40/52)

I just can not believe that our littlest love, our sweet tiny baby girl, is officially closer to two years old than to one.  It is mind-boggling and inconceivable and yet, undeniably true.  She calls herself “Ser-ee-a” and sings and dances all through the house.  She loves that hat and a certain bright colored patchwork skirt that she often pulls on over or under whatever else she has happens to have on.  She is exactly the same height that Elijah was at her age and looks just like him when she’s sleeping.  She thinks that his 13 year old self is the most fun person in the whole wide world.  Many times a day she runs through the house calling, “Sijah! Sijah!” wanting him to scoop her up and take her off to play.  Her attention span for listening to board books is much longer than anyone’s attention span for reading them.  She loves to be outside and hates to come back in.  She would stay out all day if she could, preferably playing in the sand, splashing in water or swinging.  Nothing could brighten a person’s day more than to have her run and greet them with a jubilant, “Hiya!”.  She is really the most darling, funny, determined, sweet, giggly, smart, cheerful, strong, utterly fearless, beautiful, little creature that anyone could ever hope to know.  Our hearts are so full.


9 thoughts on “Eighteen Months (40/52)

  1. Melody Post author

    Well, having spent a fair bit of yesterday in the hospital at my doctor’s urging because they thought I might be having a stroke (I wasn’t), I wouldn’t quite say that. But my attitude has been better and I’m making the most of what I can.

  2. chrisoula

    She’s a doll. Happy 18 months. Hope you are doing okay. Heard about the crazy trail ride that your boys went on recently. Life around horses is always an adventure! Glad that they were safe.

  3. Melody Post author

    Being the mother of cowboys is hard on the heart! He was perfectly fine, I think I’m the one who was traumatized! Yes, they are completely safe and sound. We were very lucky.

  4. chrisoula

    Yes, so true. It sounds like they were very smart and sensible. Good heads on their shoulders.
    I know that the spills my oldest has taken while riding have been hard on me, as well as her, but it certainly doesn’t stop us from carrying on.

  5. mamaashgrove

    Oh mama, how right you were when you told me time has flown faster with the fifth one! Here is your baby girl, grown so big! And mine turning 6 mos tomorrow. I swear she’s still a newborn, or should be anyhow.

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