Gray Thoughts

I found my first gray hair this week. I’ve actually probably got scads of them, but I don’t really look in the mirror all the often and when I do, it’s not like I’m sitting around examining my hair. So this is the first gray that I happened to notice.

Many of you may find this post ridiculous, I mean seriously, who spends time trying to take a picture of a gray hair??? Can you even see it? Probably not. Ah, but it’s quite the close up, so you can see all the beginnings of wrinkles spanning my forehead and between my eyes. Trust me, the hair’s there too; right in the front. Elijah, who’s fascinated by this whole transition, says it looks like the metallic silver thread I have. And Galen keeps coming over, cross-eyed from trying to look at a section of his own hair, and declaring that he’s found a gray one. So far I’ve seen nothing but brown, but he’s pretty sure that if he keeps looking, he’s bound to find one. I imagine if he looks long enough, that will turn out to be true. But, I suspect he’ll abandon his search long before then.

Interestingly enough, I was having a conversation on this very topic, a week or so ago (before this discovery). And while the nuances of the conversation escape me (of dear, I am getting old), I remember thinking that I wouldn’t be upset when the time came. I didn’t think I’d be upset, but I wondered a bit if it was one of those things that you think won’t be upsetting…until it happens. All’s good though. I’m not the slightest bit concerned and I actually think it’s rather pretty, all shiny. And now everyone over a certain age is thinking that only someone who is still relatively young could think such a thing! No, I’m choosing to believe that gray is a good color for me, a beautiful color for me. So there. Besides, it’s really not me who should be upset here anyway. Obviously, it’s my parents who should be horrified. I mean, let’s face it, they’re old enough to have a kid with gray hair! (this last jab was made solely for their benefit since both of my parents have taken to reading my blog lately. Sorry guys! I couldn’t help myself).

No, the thing that’s got me thinking is that it feels like a kind of milestone. Like your first lost tooth or something. If it were one of the kids I would do something to mark the occasion. It’s really such a nothing sort of thing, but maybe it should be a something sort of thing? As an adult you don’t really honor milestones though. I don’t suppose there’s a gray hair fairy that I don’t know about? If there was, I think she would bring a beautiful sterling silver barrette to coordinate with your new silver highlights. In fact, I think that’s just what I’m going to do for Màiri when she’s old and gray like me (ha-ha! I joke, I joke! About being old and gray anyway, I truly will do this Màiri, though not in fairy guise of course, if I still remember). The boys will require a bit more creativity. Perhaps barrettes will be all the rage for men by then…


8 thoughts on “Gray Thoughts

  1. Melanie

    HA! There should be a gray hair fairy.
    I started finding gray hairs in my late twenties. I've got quite a few, and talk about them way too much- people have gotten the impression it's because I am upset about them, but really I am not. It is like you said, it is a milestone. I just can't really wrap my mind around being old enough to have gray hairs. . .for goodness sake I keep forgetting I'm not a teenager anymore. . .

  2. Michelle

    Great post. It is true, we adults don't celebrate milestones. I have many many grey hair but alas, I am 44.

  3. Pia

    Melody it is nothing funny about grey hair! I almost got hart attack a few weeks ago, when I was waiting for Tine in the car and found about 30 of them!!! And since I am 25, that really was a shock. But I think that that was because of that iron thing you can use to straighten your hair. So I don't use it any more … being curly and first in my life I actually like it :) But you know grey just means wise ;)

  4. Jenna aka Town&Country Mouse, formerly Citygirl

    I've long since called my grays "silver sparkle hightlights, all the rage and terribly exclusive." Bravo to your beautiful aging. Though you're but a pup to me. ;-)

  5. Molli Rocket

    Whatever, you jerk. I got my first 3 when I was 17. Now I probably have about 60, only white, not gray, and as of this summer coming in at my temples. And I don't even have kids to aggravate me. And AND! I have wrinkles. And I'm not even thirty.
    You and your solitary gray hair after your 4 children and insane lifestyle. Bah!

  6. Melody

    Melanie- I asked Steve, who has several years on me, when you stop feeling like you are just playing at being a grown up and he says he let me know when that happens.

    Michelle- no alas, I forbid it! :) You are a delightful, beautiful woman at any age.

    Pia- If it's between laughing and crying, I'll take laughing any day!

    Jenna- I love it! I'm *so* going to have to start using that!

    And finally, to Miss Molli Jean- You know you love me anyway! So there.

  7. Molli Rocket

    I DO love you. And despite my bitching about againg, I do still get carded for cigarettes on a bi-weekly basis, which is a source of constant comfort. And Scott says my wrinkles are just "smiling lines." Bless his heart and all the rest of him.

  8. Line-Marie

    I just LOVE going through your blog !
    I loved this one cause I reacted the same way when i found my first gray hair. Wanting to keep it, Show it to everyone !! I keep pulling it out but, it does come back EVERY time !!! Im turning 25 in May, i guess i may expect to see a few more!! But im prepared!! :)

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