More on the Rainbow Dress

See how tricky I am? Posting about previously knitted items to distract from the fact that I don’t have any new projects finished? Ah, but you’re not going to let me off the hook so easily are you?Well, I finished working in the ends on one project, but it hasn’t yet arrived at it’s intended destination. And I finished another thing for me, but I’ve not been feeling great lately, and a photo shoot featuring me and the dark circles under my eyes, doesn’t appeal to me in the least. I think my best bet is to turn my attentions to some of the things I’ve made for the boys as they are both local and photogenic. And of course I’ve cast on for another project as well, so that’s distracting me a bit too.
But back to the dress! Or in this case, tunic, shirt, vest…

I asked some little friends to help me out by modeling it so you could get a feel for how it would look on different sized children. Three year old Miss Solena above thought she would like to help out, but then immediately changed her mind and this is the only photo of her that I got!

And this is 5 year old Tove, wearing it with many layers (her choice) for her own personalized look.

And 9 year old Gabby sporting a layered tank top look. I don’t think that it would fit most 9 year olds. She’s on the petite side and even so we felt that it was a little tight through the chest.
She looks really adorable in it though, doesn’t she?A big thank you to all the girls that offered to try on for me!I had a bit of a delay in getting out the pattern to my test knitters. With packing, everything is getting rearranged and ending up in odd places and I misplaced my sketch book with the design. I finally found it last night, so I should be able to type it up and get it out to them soon! And once I get some feedback from them (this is the first pattern that I’ve written for other people after all, and who knows how the gibberish in my head translates), I’ll be posting it here for you to, hopefully, enjoy.

2 thoughts on “More on the Rainbow Dress

  1. gold fawn

    yay! I would be happy to test knit as well (my gal's a sz 2). at any rate, love this dress and can't wait to try this pattern!

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